Say Yes to Avocado


This fruit, with bumpy, textured skin, mushy and green on the inside, the avocado was a staple in my home growing up. It was usually a side to your meal with a few slices on the plate, adding colourful and power-packed nutrition to any dish. My mom would also cut it up and eat it on toast or crackers, or scoop it out straight from the skin. I couldn’t quite acquire a taste for it as a child and didn’t care for the soft texture and indescribable taste. My parents would pluck one straight from a tree in their native Belize. Once in Canada, they bought imports from Mexico. Nowadays, I think of all that deliciousness I missed out on growing up where it was always right at my finger tips.

If you are not eating the mighty avocado you should definitely add it to your grocery list. The other night I heard a few facts about avocado on the John Tesh radio show, Intelligence for Your Life. For starters, it is filled with unsaturated fats (the good fats)  and 10 grams of fiber per fruit. This will keep you both full and regular. Who doesn’t want that? John went on to say that you should be eating half an avocado each day. Avocado is also high in vitamins C, K, E and B-5. With its mild flavour, it is so versatile too and pairs nicely with many dishes. It is lovely in your tacos, with beef, shrimp or chicken. Slice it up and toss it on top of your favourite salad, make a slammin’ guacamole to enjoy with wheat crackers or tortilla chips, add a slice or two on top of your chili or black been soup or simply scoop it right out of its skin and have a spoonful of health like mom.

So, what are you waiting for peeps? Have I convinced you to add the “mighty A” to your diet yet? If not, maybe this jingle I created will (or may convince you to never visit trextotigress ever again.)

(Sung to the tune of Girl From Ipanema)

Green and bumpy,
Mushy and lumpy,
Versatile and oh so healthy
The avocado from Ipanema goes rolling by…..

Everybody! All together now. In a round. Green and bumpy……

14 thoughts on “Say Yes to Avocado

  1. Yum! I’ve been on a huge avocado kick lately and I love them so much. They used to freak me out when I was little tough. I just recently discovered putting them on toast and I love it! I can’t imagine what it would taste like to eat one right off the tree!

    1. What is it with kids and avocados? We didn’t know what we were missing. It is such a good toast spread and I also substitute for mayonnaise.

  2. If you only knew about my battle with the avocado! The nutritional benefits are unquestionable but that taste is unbearable. I wish I loved them. I really do :/

      1. The only time I liked it was in Sri Lanka, as dessert. Split the cado in half and take the pit out. Use a spoon to get the “meat” into a blender. Add some brown sugar and blend. Pour the blended goodness into the 2 peel cups and refrigerate. Grab that spoon and enjoy! 🙂

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