Bringing out the Warrior in YOU

I was reading my daily devotional last week with Joel Osteen and the lesson was this, never accept good enough, God has much more planned for you than mediocrity.

This is lesson can be applied to many aspects of life, your job, your relationships, how you pursue your endeavors and yes, your health. Take for example an acquaintance of mine who received the devastating news from her doctor that she had cervical cancer. After speaking with her oncologist and processing all the information regarding her prognosis, this very brave lady also took charge of her lifestyle. In conjunction with the rounds of chemo and surgery her doctor recommended, she visited a homeopathic nutritionist. She cut out all processed foods from her diet, sugar, alcohol and caffeine and increased leafy greens. She took various herbal supplements that were okay to ingest with her chemo and started doing restorative yoga each week. This lady did not only listen to her oncologist’s advice, she took a proactive approach to her health and changed her whole lifestyle in conjunction with her treatment. She ignited the warrior within to fight this disease! I saw this lady’s husband when grocery shopping not too long ago and I’m happy to report she is in remission.

I immediately thought of time spent in the gym and my own journey when it comes to accepting good enough. I was once happy to accept mediocrity. Pushing myself beyond my zone of comfort was never something I wanted to do, or rather believed I could do. Can’t do a full push up? No worries, I will just continue to do them on my knees. Plank too hard? Forget it, I will just do crunches. 4.5 mph on the treadmill worked up a little sweat, so why go faster? Unassisted pull up? I’ll never get there anyway, so why even bother to waste my time? My attitude was one of gym complacency. I was stagnant and afraid to take chances. Trouble is, I wasn’t getting any stronger staying with those ten pound dumb bells and refusing to take risks. It was safe, it comfortable, it was ineffective after awhile. Had I not changed this mindset, and believed in the big plan God had in store for me to become fitter and stronger, I would never have challenged myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone lead me to trying so many new activities from Insanity, Crossfit, zip lining and running my first ever 5K. Challenging myself lead me to a two-minute plank, 20 full push ups, and heavy lifting. No, I am not at my unassisted pull up just yet, but my attitude of refusing to accept good enough and striving to keep trying will one day get me there I truly believe. You see, working out is as much a mental game as a physical one. If your thoughts are delaying your progression, success is that much harder to obtain. My warrior A-HA moment was discovering that the petty external details, such as cellulite or trouble spots, have absolutely nothing to do with becoming stronger.



Keep in mind, that discovering that A-HA moment is a very personal one and unique to the individual. What may be challenging for me may be effortless for you, and visa-versa.  I am not going to add 25 more pounds to the Olympic bar because another lifter can do it with ease. The warrior within must also listen to the body’s abilities and take the time to get there, but should always work on getting there. Everyone’s progression is unique. Do not take on too much and risk injury to push yourself beyond your readiness. That does not make a wise warrior. Again, listen to the cues of your body.

Never be afraid to test your limits, take a challenge or try something new. Mediocrity does not have to be found in the gym and has no place interrupting our big dreams. Push yourself to increase that intensity or take that new class. You are stronger than you think. There is a little warrior waiting to emerge in all of us. Unleash the Warrior and be amazed!


What was your warrior AHA moment?

4 thoughts on “Bringing out the Warrior in YOU

  1. Love this post and the thought you shared from the devotional! Awesome. I can definitely relate to “gym complacency.” I would really love to be able to do pull ups (real ones, unassisted) someday, but they always seem too hard. I’m going to make it a goal to do them when I’m not pregnant anymore. Thanks for this motivation! I love your Warrior pose too!

  2. Love it!!!! My Aha moment came from my continued strive to seek GOD. When he brought me out some bad/scary times, I came out and knew I can do anything!!!! Just like your post he give us greatness. I can be great!! Now I want to do everything to see my niche. Thanks for sharing!

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