Trextotigress Tidbits- Beauty in the World Edition

Happy Easter! Whether you went to church to celebrate that He is Risen, ate too many chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny, spent time with family and friends or a combination of all these things or none of these things, however you celebrated I truly hope it was wonderful.

IMG_1582I did pretty well with my eating, and enjoyed a few indulgences in moderation. I got a good chuckle from this email a friend sent me, and I also saw posted on Facebook:


Maybe this should be a guideline for eating chocolate bunnies in moderation, eat only the butt and ears. I am not really one to take on these challenges (such as no sugar, no bread, no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol) but find that cutting back as opposed to cutting out is still the best choice of action for me. Just can’t resist those hot cross buns! I admire those who can do those challenges though. What mental strength!

Andy and I continued with our 5K training for the Walk of Life race and fortunately the weather was nice and mild. I say fortunately because two weeks ago we had a snowstorm! Actually, snow falling in April is not uncommon in these parts. It has happened before. Thankfully, it was only about 2-3 inches of accumulation, and the high temperatures the following day quickly melted the white stuff away.


Now that the weather is warming up, I find my palate is evolving with the season. Instead of comfort foods, such a heavy, meaty stews, Mac and cheese and other variety of pasta, I’m craving thirst quenchers in the way of fresh salads and fruit in season. You can’t beat a mango plucked straight from my Aunty’s neighbor’s tree in Belize, but the imports sold here typically by way of Ixtapa, Mexico have been sweet and juicy.


I have been making some colourful fruit platters to snack on:


Life in the gym is going very well. I have been increasing the weight on my squats, bench presses and bicep curls. The pull up progress is still stalled, but I continue to work at it, too stubborn to throw in the proverbial towel. My sister Fran is joining me at the gym for a chest and tricep workout tomorrow.


IMG_1562I am also enjoying the simple joys of the new season. Seeing the growth of buds, promise of flowers and “happier” faces out and about is what Spring is all about. This Macy Gray song always reminds me of children in green pastures, baskets in hand, searching for Easter eggs. It also makes me feel refreshed and renewed, ready to embrace the warm weather.


It’s Easter Monday tomorrow and I am off.ย  The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It is five o’clock and not dark out. Time to get outside and enjoy all that is beautiful.


14 thoughts on “Trextotigress Tidbits- Beauty in the World Edition

  1. I love that you call no wheat, dairy, sugar, etc a challenge! I have been living this way for 12 years (because of intolerances/allergies) and it’s definitely no longer a challenge for me, in fact, I couldn’t never ever imagine eating something sweet every again, lol! SO weird right? I guess that’s a beauty in my world!

    1. Thanks, you too. Yes, everyone is all smiles now that we are not running to our cars, homes to get out of the cold. Love this time of year.
      I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of colourful, exotic fruits soon.

  2. Spring always makes me feel refreshed as well…like I can conquer the world, or the gym at least! My challenge is retaining that attitude throughout the year especially during dreary winter months. Yes, cutting out certain foods is definitely a challenge but I think I could learn from someone like GiGi who has cut out certain foods due necessity rather than choice. So, I’ll think of cutting out, or cutting back, on certain foods (i.e. sugar) as a lifestyle necessity rather than a lifestyle choice.

    1. Oh those dreaded winter months is enough to knock any man off his horse. Lol.
      It seems so natural for Gigi to go for the healthy choices from her lifestyle that just comes naturally. I crave a brownie, and Gigi must crave green smoothies. Lol. That’s why she looks so great too I believe.

  3. I’m so happy to see the weather warming up for you!! Yay! That mango and fruit looks heavenly. I agree, my appetite has totally changed with the weather. I’ve been craving lots of produce and fresh things. Yum!

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