Losing Weight Post Baby- A Guest Post

Since it’s a new month and a new season, I figure that people may be reassessing goals or perhaps initiating new ones. I thought why not start April with a story of inspiration? I asked my friend Roxanne to guest post about her quest to get back into shape and lose weight post baby. Roxanne will also touch on her experience with Weight Watchers. So without further adieu, I’ll let Roxanne take it away. (Please note that Roxanne refers to me as “Michelle” in this post. That is my middle name that all my close friends and family call me.)

Roxanne’s Weight Loss Journey Post Baby:

In hindsight, 5 weeks of forced bed-rest during my pregnancy was NOT a good thing.

Initially I was bummed out- then I had an epiphany…that this was the opportunity I’d been waiting for my WHOLE LIFE; to lay in bed, watch tv and eat to wild abandonment!
Chinese food? Why Not? Swiss Chalet does PASTA now?! Bring it on!
I had been told by many women that pregnancy weight would melt off by breastfeeding. So though I ended my pregnancy at 165 pounds…up from 130..I wasn’t worried.
Unfortunately it turned out I was unable to breastfeed as my son had a milk allergy.
I found myself….3 months postpartum with thighs, a stomach and a butt I didn’t recognize.
I decided to join my local gym- Women’s Fitness. I had been there a couple of times before as a guest of Michelle (Tigress). It was close to my home, offered a variety of classes, babysitting and a full slew of strength training machines specifically designed and sized for women. (and who wants to see hot men when you’re fat??) I had gym memberships before though I was never a fan. Going to the gym had always been work for me- mentally. This time I needed to structure a workout schedule that would allow me to go in the evenings once my son was put to bed….and still give me time to unwind at home- I decided on a max of 1 hour a day, 3 to 4 days a week. My workout routine incorporated cardio and strength training through weights. I chose Tabata- I had been introduced to this at the gym where I worked before maternity leave. I knew the combination of high intensity exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest would be manageable to start plus still provide the fat burn I needed. I started to do the 30 minute Tabata class on Wednesdays. One faithful day I did the Tuesday class instead. At the 30 minute mark I noticed the instructor was not slowing down- in fact it seemed like she was ramping the workout up! I was tasting blood at this point. Turns out I was in the 1 hour Tabata class by mistake! I’m glad I did it by accident because I would never do that on purpose.
I now do the 1 hour class regularly. It’s not a walk in the park but I feel like I’ve really put in work by the end. In addition to classes such as Tabata and Muscle Mix, I also work out on my own some days- 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training or 1 day of an hour cardio or 1 day of strength training. To keep myself motivated and on track I’ve started doing my 30 minutes or 1 hour on the treadmill while watching my favourite Primetime shows. No excuses! I seem to be the only one laughing on the treadmill at my gym!
Being motivated to go to the gym and also to push myself is not easy, BUT I definitely FEEL better, more fit and less tired.
Despite all of that, after a month the weight wasn’t budging. I was 151 pounds. Getting on the scale at the gym after 4 weeks and seeing the numbers really made me angry.
The problem was, being home all day, with a baby, during the ‘Polar Vortex’- I was eating the same way I had while on bed rest. I realized I had to give Weight Watchers a go. I had joined Weight Watchers back in 2009 and lost 15 pounds. It was great- and as a result I gained Lifetime Membership. There were things I really liked; the garden vegetable soup and homemade blueberry muffins were really tasty! In addition to being able to eat foods I really liked and seeing everything I ate by tracking, the Weight Watchers concept is working for me because the weekly weigh ins ‘shame me’ into keeping on track. I have 26 points a day, plus  49 extra points to play with each week which allow me to indulge. All of this still allows weight loss. Going over that= no weight loss. I could not bear the shame of standing on the scale looking at the Weight Watcher employee and weighing the same each week. Back in 2009 each person would wait in line to be weighed. You could hear the Weight Watchers employee say “Good for you!” and also the quiet murmurs of “It’s ok stay the course”. Ugh.
I joined the local meeting at my local grocery store 4 weeks ago Weight Watchers has changed since 2009- at that time fruits were assigned a points value. Now fruits are  zero points! I walk with fruits as snacks everywhere I go. Easy filling food that don’t ‘cost’ me anything.
So far slow and steady is winning the race for me. In 4 weeks I am now 145 pounds. I feel better and I finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! The jeans ARE tight, but hey they fit!
My baby is now 6 months old. I feel more like myself and I know I will lose the rest of my weight over the next 6 months once I stay the course.
I’m going to celebrate with strawberries and Zumba!


Roxanne in 2012, pre-pregnancy working out at the employee gym:
A glowing Roxanne at her baby shower and then five months later with baby Caleb for a before pic:
I hope to check in with Roxanne in approximately two months down the road to see how her progress is going and if she has started celebrating yet with strawberries and Zumba.
Thanks for sharing, Roxy!

2 thoughts on “Losing Weight Post Baby- A Guest Post

  1. I love this post and can relate to so many things in it! I always gain way too much weight when I’m pregnant, but I usually work until I lose it all…even if it takes a year! I think Roxanne looks beautiful and I’m impressed with all of her hard work. 😉 I love her whole “lifestyle” approach to weight loss.

    1. I really admire all your hard work Melanie, and all your work shows. Roxanne does indeed look beautiful and she is determined to lose the baby weight and return to her pre baby size. I love that she is doing it as a lifestyle change too.

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