Trextotigress Tidbits. Thank God Winter’s Over Edition

spring_01Happy Spring, beautiful peeps! Has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Here in the T-Dot it’s been a bit touch and go. The temps are now hovering above zero (God please no more of those beastly 25 below zero days) and the sun doth shineth yet again. Yes, we did get a few flurries here and there, but they generally turn to rain and I can deal with rain. It’s still cold, but not so cold that your face is burning and raw after five minutes of being outside. I think we are quite a ways off from hearing chirping birds, and just wearing a light jacket, but the fact that March is almost over gives me a sense of hope and new beginnings.

The after work crew started running outdoors this week again and I am thrilled. I really missed running outdoors and it is so much fun jogging with these ladies. Leslie and Lisa are doing the Sporting Life 10K ( they have already registered) but I have not. Why, you may ask? I’m simply not ready. I am still a short distance runner and don’t feel prepared or good enough to be doing that 10k craziness yet. Lisa and Leslie should be fine though. They run everyday after school and feel confident. The route is also straight down Yonge street with no inclines, but still, 10K seems daunting to me. I hope to be there to cheer them on, waving from the sidelines coffee in hand, while they sweat and pound the pavement (insert evil laughter here.) I only run two days per week, and have to devote three to four other days to weight training. Andy and I are thinking of doing the Walk of Life 5K in support of The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada. It is in May, and the weather should be warm by then.

walk-of-lifeAnd in other Trextotigress news…….

I have decided to cut back on my posting because I am running out of ideas and content. If my weekends were exciting, I would post about them, but they are not. I really don’t think you want to read about my laundry, errands or house cleaning. Dust bunnies are not that interesting. If anything exciting happens, like I win the lottery or complete one unassisted pull-up, I will be sure to let you know. Having said that, I will continue to read about your exciting weekends wining and dining at trendy eateries (while drooling on my tablet), marathons, exotic travels, Trader Joe trips, etc and live vicariously through you. 🙂 I have two posts coming up that I am truly excited about. One is about my cousin Loma who is staring a wellness journey herself and the other is about my sister-in-law Ninette who is training for a power lifting competition. I will highlight Ninette’s journey as she prepares for this very exciting and challenging endeavor. I will try to bribe, or should I say, convince my friend Roxanne to guest post about her experience with Weight Watchers. Check it out, I will entitle the post, “Ro-o-o-o-xanne, you don’t have to wear that baggy dress tonight!”  Any Police fans out there? Does anyone else find this terribly witty? Only me? OK then, moving right along. Hopefully, this will be insightful for anyone who wants to join such weight loss support groups, but feel unsure about how it all works. Also, I will be posting progress pictures of myself in a month or two from now.

Well everyone, have a wonderful week of eating great food, moving to your favourite activities, being good to yourselves and enjoying God’s promise of a new season. Blessings.


14 thoughts on “Trextotigress Tidbits. Thank God Winter’s Over Edition

  1. Here in Massachusetts we are supposed to be hit with more snow mid week. Ugh , so ready for it yo be done and spring to arrive . I do so look forward to your posts but I get what you are saying about posting . Can’t wait to read about that pull up when you get there . Keep at it girl !

    1. Thanks sweet baby Meg. Yes, I think we’re getting a dreading snowfall here too. Why? Why? Lol. Does Spring mean nothing anymore. Lol. Pull-ups here I come….or should I say pull-up here I come.

  2. Still way too cold here too! Write whatever the heck you want to write about, we’ll be here. 🙂

    1. Awwwww, thanks Colin for always putting up with my bad jokes. Glad for your support. Next post, “How to tackle those dust bunnies….”
      Have a great week.

    1. That’s very true. Thanks for the comment. I know my friends would stop and wait for me. I just wouldn’t want to keep them back. Most of all, I’m scared, but life is all about taking chances.

  3. Sometimes my blog was my only social life…my winter is busier than the summer. HA HA. Odd ball, I know. We are still cold in MN – but unlike Colin..I LOVE IT!

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