In Like a Tigress


Here we are in March 2014 already. Only 111 days until summer? Are you doing the countdown? I know I am! This winter has been especially cruel. The cold air has my skin so dry, I can use my arms as sandpaper. Anyone’s floor need a good sanding? I have heard that dry skin rubbing works wonders for the ashy, cracked and desiccated. I will have to check it out.

Ashy skin aside, we are two months post the big day of resolutions. If you made any changes, health or otherwise, how are they going? All fantastic for you I truly hope. If not, get back in the game. Let today be your new day to embrace the change you want to happen. It is never to late to take a step toward your goals and dreams. As for me, my non-resolution resolutions are still going extremely well. I feel so driven and motivated right now. I feel beyond motivated, I feel dedicated to weight training. It is not so much that I think I’m looking any different, it is more the progress I am making in strength. The weight on my bench press has increased by five pounds, as well as my military press and back rows. Despite the bitter temperatures, I never want to miss a gym day and run to the entrance door chattering teeth and all. I used to be the queen of lame excuses, now I can’t wait to hit the weight room floor and greet the iron with open (and sore) arms. I haven’t pushed or challenged myself to this point in a long while and I’m enjoying the intensity. I am training with such vigour that a woman asked me the other day if I was training for a competition of some sort after my last set of T-bar rows. What a compliment! I replied that I’m just, “training for the sport of life.” Aren’t we all? So for me, March has definitely come in like a lion, or should I say a tigress? Let’s just hope this burst of enthusiastic energy continues. I believe it will. I simply believe.

6 thoughts on “In Like a Tigress

  1. YES! Love your enthusiasm and commitment, Tigress! It’s so empowering to ratchet those PRs up isn’t it?!? Just finally getting back into a consistent groove again myself, and this has inspired me even more ♥

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