Trex To Tigress Tidbits- Olympic Spirit Edition

Hello all. I feel as though I have not posted in a while. So I will share a little post of tidbits a plenty.

My goals and progress:


Going very well. I am still using Dr. Lynn’s program and I can see and feel definition in my triceps and back quite a bit.  My triceps have long been a trouble area for me that are extremely difficult to tone or see any cut. For such stubborn areas, I would highly suggest drop sets. This reverse pyramid technique with little rest has been effective. I am also doing the NTC app for cardio and core, along with a Gillian Michael’s Shred CD with the ladies after work. Still hoping to go to Crossfit this spring. My unassisted pull-up progress is still the same, no progress and a lot of pulling, grunting and not budging. I was hoping to enter the Sporting Life 10K this Spring with the after work cardio crew, but alas, I will not. Insufficient training and there is no way I will be able to complete it.


Planning of meals and snacks are still coming along nicely. I did have a vino tinto slip up on Valentine’s day, as well as some chocolate. Also, my lovely neighbour Franka made Andy and me a decadent, authentic lasagna from scratch yesterday and she also offered us some homemade Italian red wine. I couldn’t resist either and both were fabulous. O sole o mio! My stomach belongs in an Italian vineyard (over looking the Mediterranean sea.) Other than that, the week of meals were sparkling clean and lean. While we’re on the subject of food, does anyone have any snack suggestions pre-workout? Currently I eat a banana, or Greek yogurt or almonds, hard boiled egg whites or Baby Bel light cheese pods, but I’m always seeking energizing new snacks.

In other Trex to Tigress news…..

Olympic Spirit:

I’m a hockey watching fool lately. During the season, I watch nary a game. I could care less who is in the finals, play offs or which team took home the coveted Stanley Cup. During the Olympics, that’s an entirely different story. I’m at the edge of my seat, cheering on both the men and women’s teams. My nails are usually bitten down to nubs, and heart was beating like a drum in the third period of Thursday’s women’s gold medal final. I was nothing short of elated when the women’s team Canada broke the tie in over time and defeated the US. It was touch and go there for most of the game, as the US team played a great game and took the lead for most periods. I was at work, and cheers could be heard down the halls of school. As I walked to the staff room that afternoon after the win, the happy faces of the little people coming in from recess exclaiming, “Yay Canada,”  truly gave me a sense of patriotism. The energy was palpable.  This truly is a hockey-loving nation. How many of those little boys will want to be the next Sydney Crosby? Or the little girls will want to be the next Hayley Wickenhesier? Tomorrow the men play for Gold against Sweden. The excitement continues, as each pub will be a sea of red and white and light brown. (the light brown being beer). Should be a great game, even for the non-hockey fanatics like myself.

Our Golden Gals:

whockeyphoto source

This week, I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I kept thinking I would be a Sweat Pink reject, but was delighted to get the an ambassador welcome from founders Alyse, Jamie and Becky. I can’t wait to connect with even more people from all over the world who are passionate about fitness and active living. What a great way to be inspired and inspire.  I added my badge on my home page (with a huge smile on my face.)


Have a fantastic week, and GO CANADA GO! Please don’t hate me if you’re an American hockey fan……I can’t help it. I’m caught up in the Olympic spirit. Besides, you guys win everything.

sources cited for drop sets:

8 thoughts on “Trex To Tigress Tidbits- Olympic Spirit Edition

  1. Congrats on the Sweat Pink Ambassador! Too cool! …

    By the way, I need to know your secret on sticking to your clean eating program as I’m having a really hard time right now reigning it in as I have a major sweet tooth and I think “perimenopause” is hitting me hard with wanting to eat, eat, eat!!! Would love to know your secret to staying focused. … For snacks how about homemade granola? I’m going to be making some today adapted from the amazing Joyous Health book. If I get it right, cross fingers as I’m adding my own things to it lol!, I’m hoping to post at some point. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much. I was happy not to be a Sweat Pink reject. Lol. I hear you on the peri menopausal thing. I’m at the same place. I think for me, that making a grocery list, sticking to it and planning for the week ahead works best. This way, I’m less likely to buy the cookies and other sweet treats that I love. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing that granola recipe.

  2. Thanks Bezzymates! Nice to hear somebody’s feelin it too but able to overcome! Great tips. I also plan BUT I then fall off the wagon with a little treat purchase here and there OR I make delicious muffins or cornbread or something and then it’s all downhill. Lol! I just have to do as you do and KEEP to the week’s plan and focus, focus, focus! I’ve done it many times before and been successful WHEN I focus that is. So back on the wagon I go! … I’ve just made the granola recipe, came out like a granola bar this time which it’s actually supposed to be! Still have to enjoy it first (in moderation!) before I know whether my version is worthy of posting. Lol!

    1. I think I have to get back on the wagon after this weekend too. I went to a hockey party tonight and had a lot of not so clean choices and wine. I guess as long as we don’t do it often. Granola bars are my fave. 🙂 especially healthier ones.

  3. Your workouts and meal plans sound awesome! Sadly, I haven’t watched much of the Olympics. 😦 I love the Olympics, but I just haven’t made the time to watch it. Dang. Congrats on the Sweat Pink Ambassador gig. I’m an Ambassador too and it’s nice to be a part of such a great group of ladies!

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