My Christmas Vow

IMG_1297This Christmas I vow to:

  • Continue with my healthy eating plan, including an abundance of fresh vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and protein.
  • Stay active during the season. Even if I can’t make it to my hour-long sessions at the gym, I vow to do circuit training that is time efficient, yet effective like the one below.
  • Continue to drink at least two litres of water per day and limit my alcoholic beverages to two per function. Of course, this will be less if I have a party every single weekend.
  • Enjoy my favorite treats in moderation (cookies, cookies and more cookies.)

30 minute circuit routine you can do at home when crunched for time this season:


Anyone who reads this, I ask you to please check in with me to see if I am keeping up with my Christmas wellness vow. T-Rex is a weak little carnivore this time of year! Thank-you.

source for circuit:

10 thoughts on “My Christmas Vow

  1. I LOVE your Christmas vow! I might just have to copy you and do the same thing. I want to stay healthy and active during the holidays, but I definitely want to enjoy some of my favorite treats too. That circuit workout looks great too…perfect for this crazy time of year.

    1. We can support eachother, although I think you’re a lot more disciplined than me! 🙂 I love these circuits too. They’re usually a full body workout, but nice and quick.

  2. Great vows! I always try to stay as active as possible around the holidays and try to practice moderation. It only comes once a year so treat yourself a little bit then bump up the intensity of those workouts.

    1. Yes. That’s what I try to do. Those cookies love to settle on my thighs, but I ain’t havin’ it! Lol. I plan to be active everyday and treat myself in moderation.

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