A Runner For all Seasons

I must admit, I’m THE biggest winter wimp. Feeling the gusty northern wind on my face, teeth chattering while the car warms up and seeing my breath makes me head for any indoor space as soon as I can. I just hate feeling cold. I should have been born in Florida, not Canada. I remember in junior high, I would hover under the main entrance stairwell of the school during recess, until a teacher (usually it was the science teacher Ms. Grey) discovered me and sent me back out into the cold. I guess Ms. Grey had finished marking our papers on the periodic table and had nothing better to do than  make me suffer in the minus 20 temperatures.

This week, Leslie and I planned to run after school on a Thursday afternoon. When I left the building to grab my gym bag which I left in the car, that gusty wind was blowing and a light drizzle began. I was very tempted to say, “oh no! Leslie, we can’t run. It’s raining.”  When we got outdoors, and started to warm up with a power walk, I looked over at Leslie to see her reaction from the unpleasant weather. She just put up her hood and said, “I think we can finish before it starts pouring. Let’s get this done!” Egads! Leslie is so determined and that was not the reaction I was hoping for. She does organize ski club in January, so I’m betting a winter wimp she’s not. As we were drawing nearer to that three-mile mark on our trail, the light drizzle turned to rain. From there, the rain turned into small pellets of hail, and then to slight blowing snow, with some leaves mixed in. The only thing to happen next was for the clouds to part, and a rainbow to arch through the sky. I used to observe people running through the brisk or wet weather and think, look at those fools. Well,  here I was, soaking wet and a running fool. I think we picked up the pace to finish faster and get out the whatever that weather was. Although it was cold, I was actually sweating and feeling quite good at the finish.

If you just started running this past summer and are thinking of continuing into winter unlike me, like me, I suggest you visit Leslee at Her Happy Balance for tips on keeping dry and comfortable during your wintry trails.  Leslee (not to be confused with Leslie above. They are two different people) has compiled such an informative list for winter running on her blog, that it may even convince ME to run in the great outdoors come this January, but please don’t hold me to that as I sip my hot chocolate indoors by the fire… while under a fleece throw. For other tips on running, wellness and balanced living be sure to visit Leslee’s blog.

For all you winter wimps, may the first chirp of Spring’s birds and balmy breezes come our way soon. Until then, let’s try to suck it up and keep on running through a winter wonderland.

Tell me, are you a winter wimp?

Do you dream of the beach at the first sight of a snowflake?



Photo source courtesy of: http://www.herhappybalance.com

10 thoughts on “A Runner For all Seasons

  1. I am a HUGE winter and cold wimp too!! I actually love running in the cold, but I HATE the first mile or two. Once I get used to the cold and start to warm up, I think it feels so good. It’s just hard for me to get the motivation to get out in the cold in the first place! Sounds like you had an interesting run on Thursday! I used to look at people running in the cold and rain and think they were crazy too….but I’ve found myself out there in it often. I guess we’re both crazy!

    1. So very true. Once I’m about 10 minutes in and am warmed up, it only gets better from there and I don’t feel the chill at all. Thursday was a mix of everything bad. Thank goodness I had Leslie to cheer me on, or I wouldn’t have headed out at all.

  2. I am a winter wimp and I hate running…will avoid it even during a beautiful summer day.

    I solved one of those problems by moving to Cali. And well…I will continue to sprint outside, but never run distance, even in the dead of winter now….those awful cold 60 degree days… 😛

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