Little Black Dress


There was an informative seminar at my gym last Saturday called Little Black Dress that aims to help patrons of the gym to keep on track during the upcoming holiday season. We all know (well, I know) how temptation tends to rear its ugly head during the festive time of year. Carol sings, tree trimming parties, work parties and holiday soirees all usually come with food galore and libations a plenty. Some tips from the seminar included:

  • adding fizzy water to alcoholic beverages
  • drinking water before and during parties
  • eating a full meal before the gathering to be full and avoid mindless snacking or to encourage snacking in moderation.
  • continuing with your exercise regimen as normal, regardless of the season. Avoid the old, “it’s the holidays, I can slack off” mentality. My gym offers exciting new classes this season to keep people coming.

I took some good pointers back home with me from the seminar, ready to abandon the holiday mentality stated above. One thing I pondered as I walked home in the brisk November wind, was applying these tips all year round. The name of the seminar, Little Black Dress, made me remember my days of endless, counter-productive crash dieting. Usually, there was “a reason” I was dieting, but I was usually not alone. I have heard the same reasons over and over again from other people too, friends, family, random people on the train, numerous diet commercials. I have to lose the weight to fit into that little black dress, for my hot date, for the 10th reunion, to make my ex envious, for my wedding, for bikini season and on and on. I have been there, done that time and time again and personally it was always a temporary solution.  I was more committed to “the reason,” rather than to a sincere lifestyle change.

There is currently a reality show on TV about women scorned who lose weight and transform their appearance as a way of getting even with the men who wronged them. At the end of the show, the men reunite with the ex girlfriends who have transformed from over-weight to svelte from extreme boot camp and changing their diet. The now slim ladies give the men a, “take a good look at me now” attitude, and usually leave the men with their jaws on the floor. The gals are looking good and enjoy rubbing salt in their ex’s wounds. Now I can only hope that these ladies made this extreme lifestyle change for themselves as well, and for the long haul and not solely for showing up the men who left them chubby and heart-broken.  There has to be an end to the reasons, because after that hot date what else is left? You wiped that smug look off your ex’s face, but now what? After that little black dress is hanging back in the closet and the party is long over, will the commitment still be there for an active, healthy lifestyle? For me, it was not. The reason had passed. I simply went back to bad diets and waited for the next reason.

This past summer, I blogged about wanting to look good on the beach in my bikini. Of course I did, most people do. Now though my reasons go beyond the beach and donning a two piece. My reasons are to feel good, with energy, vibrancy and strength. My reasons are to hopefully live a long life, with less chance of joint pain and disease. As I put my bikini away in my summer bin, may we kiss goodbye to the reasons and think about that long haul and all the rewards that come with it.

10 thoughts on “Little Black Dress

  1. Ah HUGE point here, Tigress! I agree wholeheartedly and have to confess to you that the holidays have already gotten to me a bit. I had a few days of Halloween transgressions. Had I subscribed to the reasons philosophy you speak of, it could have been a slippery slope. However, because I am committed to this lifestyle for good I was able to spend the short-tern eating junk, then resume the long-term eating clean, rather than the other way around which is so typical of this time of year. Thank you for this fantastic and timely reminder.

    1. Yes, the holidays can really make or break you. Many times I was a holiday victim of over indulgence and then extreme dieting to “look good” for New Years. I’m so happy that this stage is gone. I feel so free! It’s essential to think of how far you’ve come and why you spend that time meal planning and in the gym working hard. Thanks for commenting and sharing. I think this time is so difficult for many people.

  2. I agree that we have to want it for ourselves…we have to want the lifestyle change and not just a short-term reason (although the short-term reasons can sometimes get us started).

    BUT, while I don’t think that the holidays are just a reason to completely slack off, I do sometimes have problems with the dieting tips that become so popular during these times that tell you how to avoid indulging at Christmas dinner.

    There are 365 days during the year. We really need to work on developing a lifestyle during those other days and enjoy the days that are meant to be enjoyed versus straining ourselves at a Christmas Day brunch.

    So while it is good to remember our goals, it is good to remember that part of living the lifestyle is also knowing when to indulge and treat ourselves!

    Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. There are a lot of tips out there, so I guess it can be a struggle for some, as for me for sure. That is just it, while the reasons may stick and start a healthy change, I think for me the reasons just set me back.
      I do agree we shouldn’t be so strict on ourselves during the holidays that we feel deprived. Life should also be about enjoying. Moderation and balance is the key. Enjoy, but don’t go to town for too long.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I wish more people saw eating well and exercising as healthy, every day things that give them personal satisfaction outside of the surface, physical stuff.

    1. So true. I find the satisfaction comes from keeping up habits over time, of course we all have our set backs (I do for sure) but I feel the need to always have those goals close by.

  4. I love all off the points you raise. I definitely agree about the holidays; it’s so easy to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever you want and slack on the workouts a bit. I love the tips from your seminar. I’ll definitely remember those this holiday season.

    I’ve never heard of that TV show! What is it called? Sounds interesting, but I definitely feel bad for those ladies.

  5. Hey Tigress. For me, I need a short term goal. “Lifestyle choice” is overwhelming for me. I too was a constant yo-yo dieter. By doing bodybuilding I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss/happy jean size for almost two years now.

    Also…now I want to watch My Big Fat Revenge…

    1. That’s so true. I didn’t even think of that, because I have such bad memories of roller coaster dieting. Some people do better with short term, and it works for them. You look amazing, so you found your fit in body building.
      Do you guys get slice network? My Big Fat Revenge shows there. It’s a real hoot!

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