Thinking Inside the Box

So I contacted a local CrossFit box in my community. It’s about a seven minute walk from where I live, so you can’t get anymore local than that. The mulling over CrossFit turned into I am doing or I am at least going to give it a try. That is the way I am. Once I get an idea in my head, I jump in feet first. This of course has its advantages and disadvantages. Coach Martha I spoke with (over the phone) was very accommodating and professional as she answered each question, even the silly ones, such as, “will I hit my head with the kettle ball and knock myself out when we do those over head swing moves?” Yes, this was indeed a concern for me. She replied, all CrossFit participants are closely monitored to prevent injury and keep form and safety in check. Beginner classes are kept to no more than a maximum of 6 students so coaches can monitor each participant thoroughly and movements are modified to suit individual fitness levels. Sounds good to me. Another concern/question I had was, “will I be the only 40-something T Rex in the box?”  Is there a box for middle-aged fools, mature individuals wanting to try CF? Martha informed me that most of her clients are 40-45, and some have never done a squat or push-up in their life prior to CrossFit. (at least these legs can squat and my little T Rex arms can execute 20 man push-ups now.)  It is not that I am dissatisfied with my gym. I love my gym and don’t see myself cancelling my membership anytime soon. I was just thinking CrossFit would be a nice compliment to my regular routine when I get bored or am seeking a new challenge. Also, CF looks like it would be a great way to test your strength, endurance and stamina, all in one sweaty workout.

Now, here comes the reality check. CrossFit is costly! Wowie wow! My whole yearly gym membership is almost cheaper than only 5 CF classes. I was expecting it to be expensive, but I had no idea it would be this expensive when I saw the fee attachment Martha emailed me. I do understand the high cost though. The box seems to be a clean, large facility. In order to have equipment that is of sound quality and well maintained, participants would have to pay for that. Also, quality coaches are essential. Coaches who are attentive, experienced and dedicated don’t come on the cheap. A CrossFitter is after all practically getting one on one attention from the coach. It is similar to personal training, and a good PT does not come on the cheap either. I wouldn’t want to go to a cheap box, where the coaches and facility seem questionable. Currently I am waiting for the start of Martha’s fundamentals in CF class. She suggested that my demo commence with the basics, and not an advanced class so I don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed. I quite agree. I am very nervous, yet excited. I most likely will not join due to the budget, or lack of el budget. I’ll be like the kid staring longingly into the store window at the toy I can’t have. Oh well, at least I can try one class.

Now, I leave you with a little inspiration as we “cross” into Monday (with that extra hour of sleep I am as witty as ever.) May elite athlete and CrossFitter extraordinaire, Jessica Estrada motivate you into the week ahead to do your thang.

6 thoughts on “Thinking Inside the Box

  1. Yeah CF is expensive but like you said you are essentially getting a personal trainer. Looking forward to hearing about the class!

    1. Hi Melanie. Yes, I was surprised too. The price is more costly than a PT, but I think you have to factor in quality and equipment in the box. I’ll be sure to blog about it…..if I survive it.

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