Tricks, Treats and Hopping Feet.

Halloween is always a busy day here at school (work). The children are so excited, they are ready to bust. Many of them had their costumes picked out months ago. Do you remember as a child, the days you lived for seemed to take an eternity to get here? I sure do! That is the reason that I try to be patient with 22 hyped-up, overly excited, loud kindergarten children. As old as I am, I remember that feeling. All in all, the children were really well-behaved and I didn’t need an Advil after work. We had a fun day of bobbing for apples, pumpkin musical chairs, dancing to Thriller and playing pass the witch’s caldron.

The kindergarten staff dressed up as bunnies. That’s a lot a cotton tails hoping around the school. I love these bunnies I work with! Mary Bunny is training for a 5K, and we run together. Ever hear of a slow rabbit? I think not!

From left, Chantelle Bunny, Debbie Bunny, Mary Bunny and me Bunny.

I treated, but of course it was in moderation. I had two rainbow sprinkled cookies, and shared a ghost cupcake.  A bunny needs a little sugar once in a while, especially after eating all those carrot sticks.


Later, it was gym time. The weather looked very dubious, as though a downpour was headed our way, so I decided to skip insanity at my gym and had a killer lower body blaster right in my condo gym facilities. Squats, lunges, ball rollers and leg extensions with high reps and high sets. I worked up a hell of a sweat and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow.

It’s time for this bunny to hang up her ears and get ready for a few good slasher films.  On another scary note, I have been mulling over the idea of trying Crossfit.  Just ask my husband, my mulling over usually leads to doing. Uh-oh. This new idea is scarier than Mike Myers, Freddie Crougar and Jason all put together.

Can anyone offer me any Crossfit tips for beginners?

4 thoughts on “Tricks, Treats and Hopping Feet.

  1. Cross fit is as much a mental game as it is physical . Take it one step at a time , one move at a time . Don’t get frustrated when you have difficulty with the moves or wods . That’s the best advice I can give . And “just keep swimming !”

    1. Thanks very much for the advice. I’m soooo intimidated. I’ll try to remember these words of cross fit wisdom. Cross fit looks like the ultimate test of physical ability.

  2. Oh my word, I love those bunny costumes. Too cute!! I helped in my son’s Kindergarten class on Halloween for 2 hours and it was nuts! I’m glad you survived. I don’t know too much about Cross Fit except everyone I know who does it looks phenomenal! Good luck!

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