T-Rex to Tigress Tidbits

Welcome to T-Rex to Tigress tidbits. The post about everything, yet nothing in particular.  I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30am, ready for my run with Mary and Leslie. Unfortunately, mother nature was not on our side. It was raining heavily with high winds. We waited it out until about nine o’clock, then decided to forget it for today as the rain was not letting up. Well, that’s what treadmills are for my friends. After my weight training session, I got a good run on the ‘mill. High intensity, sprinting drills and finishing with light walking to cool down. I am about one month in the new mass building program, and I am enjoying it. I like that it is giving me the challenge and variety I need. What I am focusing on lately (or more so) is ensuring my lifts are slow and controlled, and really flexing/squeezing at the peak of the movement. I find this makes a huge difference intensity-wise. Here I am doing my tricep extension. The tri’s were on fire by now! Burning and fatigued. As you might tell from the photo, I am really trying to will myself into that last grueling set.


Speaking of getting bigger and stronger, I’m not the only one. Roxanne’s baby Caleb is too. Look at this cutie pie’s cheeks! Talk about mass.

IMG_1242After my workout, Andy and I went to Debbie’s Cafe for breakfast. Debbie’s is a cozy, intimate spot, yet very happening judging from the steady flow of patrons ordering coffees, espressos and lattes. Debbie’s also makes fresh fruit smoothies and decadent looking cakes, pies and pastries. Many of her baked goods are also gluten-free. I just drooled looked into the glass counter of cakes, but resisted the urge to take home a pumpkin cream carrot muffin. I will come back for a dessert one of these days though. My diet is still all about clean eating, but sweet treating once in a while to avoid deprivation and binging. I had a mini red velvet cupcake at work yesterday, so my sweet tooth was still satisfied. Now back to our breakie. Andy ordered the turkey wrap with provolone cheese and I ordered the breakfast wrap with ham, roasted red peppers and egg whites. It was delicious.



IMG_1224IMG_1226Later,  retail therapy was on my agenda.  I needed a new running shirt for the cool, declining temperatures, but a shirt that I would not be too thick or heavy to weigh me down. I found this great Adidas climalite at a reduced price. Score!

IMG_1245Next it was on to renos. We are renovating our bathroom, and bringing a modern touch to the decor. The vanity was a tad dated, so we bought a new one to install and did some painting as well. Andy loves the glass bowl sink. He says it , “reminds him of being in a fancy restaurant.”  Great look, since we can’t afford to go to fancy restaurants often. Pretend away my dear. Here is a little preview of our bathroom so far:

Mid way
Mid way









Off to an early bedtime. Tomorrow morning it’s up and at ’em. Church, menu planning and leg day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep on roaring!

8 thoughts on “T-Rex to Tigress Tidbits

  1. Wow, sounds like a busy day!! I love triceps with the rope extension and it sounds like you got a great workout!! That’s Debbie’s cafe sounds heavenly!! All of your food looked so good and I’m impressed you resisted all those yummy treats. 😉 Your bathroom is looking awesome and I LOVE that glass bowl sink too.

    1. It was hard resisting those treats, but I felt ok since I had a cupcake the previous day. Lol. I love sweet treats so I really have to be strong. Thanks for all your encouragement. Bathrooms almost ready. Yay!

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