Yoga ain’t Easy!

yoga-workout-sexy-benefit-cosmetics-ecards-someecardsAfter reading CDK’s post, I completely agree with her, Yoga is a challenge. It is not a pass to sleep or nap on your rubbery mat, there is also a lot of work involved. Yes, there are quiet moments where relaxation and quietness of the mind is a key component, but most of the class is working on strength, breathing techniques and flexibility. This was ever more evident when I attended my first Yoga session with Tenille on Wednesday night after taking a long hiatus over the summer. It is not just getting in the position such as Warrior that is difficult, it is the holding of the position for an extended time while focusing on your breathing. I could feel my legs burning and trembling after holding the warrior after one minute. Next, we did a squat like move, where we had to bend deep down and come up, making sure our arms were extended in front of us, strong and sturdy, without letting them droop. While doing these moves, we are encouraged to breathe solely through our noses. So if you have never tried Yoga, but feel it is not intense enough, (I know you spin, tabata and boot camp junkies that say you need to sweat) but let me promise you, it is. I am sore today and my legs are feeling it. The most difficult part of Yoga for me is quieting my thoughts and not letting them consume me. As we repeat mantras or affirmations, it is important to try not to let the mind wander into the past or future states. If you are chanting or affirming I am surrounded by love and peace, you are not supposed to be thinking about the horrible fight you had with your spouse last week, what you want for dinner later, carpooling the kids from soccer tomorrow or if you paid your visa bill on time. Your mind should be in the here and now. This can be exceptionally difficult, especially in our world of social media and technology. We are prone to always have our minds on the go with emails, texting, Instagram, Facebook, Skype and the like. Letting all of this go completely and focusing on the present during relaxation is not as easy as it may seem. It takes time, dedication and a lot of practice.

Do you take Yoga?
Do you have difficulty tuning out the world and all its “stuff”?

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2 thoughts on “Yoga ain’t Easy!

  1. I haven’t done Yoga too much, but I’ve really enjoyed it the few times I’ve done it. You make it sound wonderful! I really love it for the relaxation and peace I feel from it.

    1. I totally agree. It puts me in such a state of peace, although I really have to work hard to get there. I’m like the kid at the dinner table with one eye open to see if the blessing is done yet during mantras segment.

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