Wet Weather, Workouts and a Wedding in Cottage Country

I hope you enjoyed a sunny and dry weekend. It was anything but that in my neck of the woods. I woke up early on Saturday to grey skies and a torrential downpour. No worries though as love was on the agenda! I headed straight out the door (umbrella in hand) to get my hair cut, get dolled up and ready for a long drive about two and a half hours north of the city for my cousin Sean’s rustic lakeside wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, as the bride Monica and groom Sean exchanged vows of love on the pier in the rain, which thankfully changed to a light drizzle during the ceremony. Something about the misty fog that drifted slowly from the still lake, and beautiful Monica with her dark hair and starch white dress gave the whole ceremony a magical feel. After the kiss, (and great dip of the bride from groom Sean) umbrellas went down and cheers echoed through the dense forest of Georgian Bay. The reception was held behind Monica’s family cottage under a tent decorated with pink and green balloons, tree-stumped centre pieces, and floating candles on the white-lined tables. Can you tell I had a wonderful time on this one enchanted evening? I love weddings. If I had the guts, I would make wedding crashing a hobby.

Getting ready for lakeside nuptials, as guests were all smiles while keeping dry.



The groom and his proud mama:


Here comes the bride:


Bridal party, doing a great job on the sandy terrain:


They do!

IMG_1103Let the party begin:

IMG_1119Decadent cupcakes:


There was even a fireworks show after the dinner:

Lighting up the Northern sky.
Lighting up the Northern sky.

Andy and my sister Francine loved their sparklers. They’re big kids at heart:


Francine, bridesmaid Rachel (sister of the groom), me share a laugh:

IMG_1141Happy guests:






Me, Andy and the newlyweds:





On Sunday morning, I thought about the oh-so-delicious slice of pecan and chocolate cheesecake I indulged in, along the wine I enjoyed. It was time to hit the gym and hard. I did a productive T-Rex blaster, with focus on Arnold presses, push-ups and back rows. As I walked back home from the gym, I thought about my progress. On Friday evening, I shopped for a possible little black dress to wear for this wedding. I hate those unforgiving mirrors that accentuate my flaws. When I took my dress and went to the fitting room, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw under the harsh fluorescent lights. Results! My back looked broader, my shoulders wider and defined. I even saw a little bicep popping out to say well hello there. My size six dress was loose around the thighs! Yes folks, loose around my thighs! This was the feeling I did not want to let go. All the months of hard work and sensible, balanced eating is finally staring to pay off and it feels damn good. This is the reason I spend so much time cutting up carrots and trying to make cucumbers interesting. It is for this feeling! Yippee!!

Here is a little preview progress shot before signing off:

IMG_1086My arms are not looking as spaghettish these days. I’d say they are at least fettuccine now. May your week be productive, peaceful and joyful. Workout hard, eat clean and live well.

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