Good Eats, Good Weather, Great Workouts.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labour Day weekend. I know I am lapping up every last bit of summer fun before heading back to the grind tomorrow. This weekend the weather was pretty near perfect, just enough heat and humidity to enjoy the outdoors, and very little rainfall.  After my zip lining adventure, I was supposed to go to my friend Trish’s for drinks, but I needed the evening to rest and recover. What a workout it was! So I headed over to Trish’s on Friday evening, where we enjoyed a white wine spritzer (or two) on her beautiful backyard deck.  When it started to drizzle a little bit, we had to take our party indoors, but that still didn’t ruin our fun.

Saturday, I was actually up bright and early. That is shocking for me. I usually sleep in whenever I get the chance. I bought some sweet, juicy nectarines that are local and in season and added them to my energy-fueling breakfast. How l love Harvest season.






After breakfast, I hit the ground running. I had such a great run around my neighbourhoood, running through the park, running stairs by town hall and library and running up hills and around cul-du-sac’s. I am not sure where I got such bursts of energy, but I was sure to take advantage of it, and ran for 30 minutes non-stop. When I got home I was covered in sweat, just the way I like it, drenched in sweat and feeling revived.

On Sunday, we headed on over to my brother’s backyard birthday BBQ. It was a nice, laid back atmosphere with plenty of good eats. The birthday boy fired up the grill, and Wendy (my sister-in-law), Andy and I sipped on a little vino. Andy bought some lobster tails that were on sale at Loblaws this weekend. He marinated the tails in olive oil, garlic and a little sea salt. We brought our tails over to the birthday BBQ and added them to the grill. What a great compliment to our plates. We chatted, ate and enjoyed the balmy evening air.


Today Andy had to work in the annual Labour day parade in downtown Toronto, playing the steelpan on one of the floats. After cleaning my kitchen and bath room, I headed over to my gym. The streets were like a ghost town as I walked down the street, so I assumed the gym would be empty. Not to be. The cardio machines were packed, as well as the weight room floor. I guess I wasn’t the only one who indulged in a little too much BBQ this weekend. Ladies were getting down to business, pumping iron and working those treadmills. I had a great upper body workout, focusing on push-ups and pull-ups, as well as 25 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and stationary bike.  I also made myself a yummy sandwich after returning from the gym with a rumble in my tummy.


After a soak in Epsom salts, I reflected a bit on my fitness goals for September and jotted them down, read some passages in my Bible, and again, thanked God for health and being able to move. I take nothing for granted. I feel I am really finding that happy balance, where I am able to eat clean and fresh the majority of the time, but control my weight by allowing myself to indulge a little at life celebrations. I continue to seek, but feel I am getting closer, vowing never again to return to the cycle of extreme yo-yo dieting, over-eating and feeling guilty.

A new month and renewed spirit. Welcome September.

6 thoughts on “Good Eats, Good Weather, Great Workouts.

  1. We hit the beach one last time for the summer. I cannot believe summer is almost setting and fall is rising. You can feel the crisp fall air…and yes, it does give a renewed spirit!

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