Bucket List Item Done…kind of

With my summer vacation winding down, I wanted to end my summer on a high note by doing something unique. I consulted my bucket list, but I quickly realized there are still only three items at the moment:

1. Wine tour in Tuscany
2. Wine tour in the Napa Valley (do I detect a pattern here?)
3. Zip lining in Costa Rica

None of the items are feasible now, or so I thought. Item number three got me wondering. Maybe I can’t go to Costa Rica to zip line, but maybe I can bring my Central American adventure a little closer to home. After an Internet search I found it, Tree Top Echo Adventure Park in Oshawa, ON. Oshawa is a city about 45 minutes outside of Toronto. I asked Andy if he was up for it, and I wasn’t surprised when he said, “let’s go for it!” I invited my nieces Marlee and Mikayla along for the adventure. They were the perfect adventure companions for us. For one thing, if auntie fainted or chickened out, they would be there as added support. Also, these two gals are thrill seekers. They both love adventure and better still, both have zip lined in the jungles of Roatan, Honduras. It is safe to say, they could “show me the ropes.” (ha! Am I the only one laughing here?

The dense woodlands of Oshawa proved to be a great zip lining locale with breath-taking scenery. It felt as though I could have very well been in the tropical rainforest, due to the intense summer heat and lush greenery.  I assumed we would just be harnessed up and zoom, down and done, but no. The Treetop Eco Adventure tour was very physically challenging, with a lot of hiking up dirt trails, going through challenging obstacle courses and literally walking the line while hooked up. This was not for the faint of heart or those who do not like heights, considering we were about three stories high. Walking those courses high above on shaking steps of wood left me weak in the knees at times. I felt like I was a participant in the Flying Wallenda’s training camp or something of the sort. Being so high up and on the ropes gave me a renewed appreciation for the talent of the Wallenda’s and the agility, strength and nerves of steel they must possess. I was especially proud of my niece Marlee, who was a real trooper and the youngest one on the trail. She completed the course with the adults and did not give up. Here are photos from our glorious experience that I would do again in a heart beat.

Getting harnessed and secured before hitting the trails:

Me. Hope this thing is secure.
Marlee and Kayla
Marlee and Mikayla


After a safety and instructional demo by Lauren our guide, we were ready to hit the trail and try the real thing:


The "Big ZIp" which is done at the end of the tour.
The “Big Zip” which is done at the end of the tour.
Andy comes to the end of the second bridge.
Andy comes to the end of the second bridge.
Here I am crossing the bridge...and praying as I cross, "God please don't let me slip."
Here I am crossing the bridge…and praying as I cross, “God please don’t let me slip.”
Here comes Mikayla. Showing us "the ropes."
Here comes Mikayla. Showing us “the ropes.”
Way to go, Marlee!
Andy completing the Big Zip at the end of our trail.


Mikayla at the end of the BIg Zip
Mikayla at the end of the Big Zip
Now I know what a bird feels like. Getting ready to go down the line.
Now I know what a bird feels like. Getting ready to go down the line.

Feeling good:


11 thoughts on “Bucket List Item Done…kind of

    1. It was sooooo fun! I can’t wait to do it again. If you and your family are ever visiting Ontario, I would highly recommend it. For younger children, there is a kiddie trail that is less intense.

  1. The Sky Trek run in Arenal, Costa Rica is incredible. On some of the runs, you’re so high up, you feel like you can run your hands through the clouds. It’s an absolute must, if ever in CR!

    1. Thanks for the travel advice. I will have to check that out, as CR is on my bucket list (running a close second to wine tasting in Tuscany…hee…hee)
      I have been to the lush jungles of Belize and briefly in Guatemala, so I can imagine how gorgeous CR must be. Central America is my home away from home 🙂

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