Marlee and Manny on How to Stay Healthy

He has not even been on this earth for a decade and she just a little past a decade. My niece Marlee and great-nephew Manny are my guest bloggers and have a lot to say about being healthy. They have a lot to say period, but we will reserve this post on the topic of health. They are just kids, but why not have kids as my guest bloggers? Kids are the future, kids are authentic, keep it 110% real and keep it simple without all the jargon. So without further adieu, Manny and Marlee’s tips to achieve health and wellness.

1. Find an activity you like to do, and do it, like a lot! Don’t watch too much TV or sit on the couch.

IMG_0925IMG_0930IMG_0928IMG_09262. Don’t always like, go to like, restaurants. Pack a healthy picnic lunch with watermelon, peaches and blueberries and stuff. Eat all your good stuff first.
(Got that everyone? 🙂


3. Have lots of fun and laugh. If you can’t laugh then just smile. It’s so easy to smile.
(watermelon smiles count too.)


4. Talk to adults about stuff you know (aka chat Auntie’s ear off) and talk about interesting stuff, like, shark attacks, swimming with dolphins, touching sting rays at the zoo and seeing the giant pandas. Also, about the most annoying insects in the world….Mosquitoes! Why do they have to bite so much? Also try to convince Auntie that the Behemoth roller coaster is not scary and she would like it. (no photo for this tip. I was too busy listening of course.)

5. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a treat, but like, not every single day! Just sometimes.



IMG_0942There you have it folks, out of the mouths of babes. Seems to me these two are off to a great start and practice living an active and balanced lifestyle. I will heed all their sound advice, but I’m still not going anywhere near the Behemoth roller coaster. That is out of the question.

About my guest bloggers:

Marlee going into grade 6 this September. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, Bollywood dancing and swimming with dolphins.

Manny is going into grade 4 in September. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, reading comic books and feeding sting rays at Sting Ray Bay. He would like to one day start his own blog on matters of health and annoying bugs.

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