Progress Photos….or Not

Good day. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I have been entertaining family, grocery shopping, cleaning and avoiding posting progress photos. I was even going to post another park workout, but figured you have seen enough of the park across my street. Seriously, it’s nice but not that interesting. I also got my nephew and niece to write a guest post to avoid these progress photos. They are really intelligent and cute I might add.

The long and short of it is, I don’t see the progress I want to see. Allow me to elaborate. It’s hard to gain muscle, especially when you made the mistakes that I have made. I started this blog filled with enthusiasm, ready to transform my body; over-flowing with anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enthusiastic, but for about eight months after my first post, I did things that opposed my goals. I was not educated enough, I still continue to learn a lot. When I looked at my body clad in a bathing suit in the mirror on day one, all I could see was holy saddlebags, Batman! I didn’t realize just how disproportionate I looked and it made me sad. Yes, I saw the thin arms, but they didn’t stand out like my thighs. I am not being self-depreciating here, I’m just being realistic. I could only see thighs for days! I left the starting blocks with a bang, doing cardio like a mad women in an attempt to reduce my thighs. Tabata, spin, bootcamp, Zumba, jogging, treadmill drills, you name it, if cardio was on the menu, I was ready to do it. Now, here’s the thing, I was doing weights too. Heavy weights for my upper body, along with this plethora of cardio activities. I cut out a lot of things from my diet, such as white starch, sugary snacks, white rice and white sugar. I added greens, fruits, and a lot of water to my diet. Error número two, not enough protein. When I looked at my bikini clad body again a few months down the road, I was pleased to see my lower body had in fact reduced. My saddle bags were replaced with lean, slim thighs. I went down about three sizes in my jeans, and had to buy new skirts, as my waist got so tiny. My husband warned me that I was wasting away. Now, I checked out my upper body and took measurements. Clearly I was stronger in my arms, I could now do consecutive amounts of man push-ups. I measured my back and shoulder width, and they had increased a wee but. However, I didn’t see any difference appearance wise. After consulting with bloggers, personal trainers at the gym and my sister-in-law who is a PT, the opinions were the same across the board, “You are doing waaaay too much cardio and eating very little protein.” All this cardio, in addition to not enough protein, I was not muscle-building, but essentially I was becoming skinny and my muscles were not being fueled properly. This was not and never has been my goal.

There you have it folks. I can actually see my ribs, and I am not cool with that in the least. Now that I have been using the proper formula since June of this year of less cardio, more protein + more weight training, I will take progress pictures in November. I think by then, things should be “shaping up” nicely. Thanks for reading/listening.

9 thoughts on “Progress Photos….or Not

  1. We all are always continuing to learn and find ways to do things better. Nobody knows it all. Just be proud of the progress you have made and show it as a stepping stone. Be careful with waiting to look the way you want to take pics. Like you said building muscle IS a slow process, and it’s good to be able to look back when you think things aren’t going well and realize holy crap I am making a difference. At the minimum take them for yourself. You’ve done well and need to be proud of your progress.

    1. Thanks Colin. I felt as though I set myself back because I was under eating and over exercising. Since I have started eating more, and do less intense cardio I have seen progress. But you’re right, I do have to be careful of these perceived type progress pictures and realize that yes, I’ve come a long way. Thank-you!

      1. Never look back, always forward! Be happy you learned more and are now armed with knowledge for better results! It’s definitely true too much cardio and not enough eating will kill muscle gains (not to mention potentially destroy your metabolism) but you are past that now!

  2. Always a learning process! We are always moving forward even if it doesn’t feel like we are getting closer to our specific goal. Success isn’t a straight line!

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