No Walk in the Park

I needed to go on damage control. Oh boy! This past weekend was a long holiday weekend and it was filled with lack of sleep, a lot of events, parties, copious amounts of food (albeit great food) and drinking for this old gal. That spiced Caribbean rum was great, but not exactly Tigress-friendly. I was determined to exercise today, after skipping the gym for the past four days…too exhausted. I think I partied this weekend more than my entire time in Mexico, and I am considered a light weight party-goer by many. Another thing I lacked this weekend was plenty of water. I usually try to drink at least two liters per day, and wow, did my body ever feel dehydrated and lethargic. Water really is the drink of life. I cannot believe how different I feel today after my usual consumption of water.  I have come to learn that without my diet essentials, sleep and water, I can crash and burn pretty quickly. What can I say? No excuses, but sometimes life gets in the way. I do have one excuse. I married a Trinidadian, so celebrating Carnival weekend is a must. I do not think I will ever attempt Carnival in Trinidad. Apparently it is party after party, celebrations galore and non-stop fun. Rest is over-rated and you party till you drop….quite literally. Not for the light weights in any respect.  I just do not have the stuff a true carnival goer is made of. That’s okay, I think I’ll stick with me. Boring but healthy.

On another note, we were blessed with a lot of sunshine and a California sky here in the city of Toronto, so I headed outdoors to get ‘er done. The humidity was low, but the breeze was nice and warm. Just perfect for a workout in the park. I do love my gym, but it is on the lower level of the mall and has no natural light streaming in and is a bit dark. Here is what I did.

Park Workout:

Jogged around the park for 25 minutes.
3 sets of push ups at 15 reps
2 sets of walking lunges
Plank for 1 minute and 47 seconds

I love a holiday as much as the next guy, but it is so good to be back in my routine and cooking healthy meals at home and water….lot’s of water.

Feeling rejuvenated after a park workout.
Feeling rejuvenated after a park workout.

2 thoughts on “No Walk in the Park

  1. I was just thinking about how I need to up my water intake, this post was enough to kick me in the pants. So thanks! Now get back to work! 🙂

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