A Beefcake’s Beef

If this guy says, "what up?" You better listen!
If this guy says, “what up?” You better respond!

I have often talked about gym etiquette on my blog. Now I would like to address gym attitudes. While perusing various news feeds on FB, I came across this rant from an acquaintance of mine, Andrae U-Neek Mercury. Andre works out hard and eats clean to maintain his muscular and developed physique, he also happens to work at the gym where his rant is coming from. Here is what he has to say about men who workout side by side on the weight room floor:

you know what i’ve been noticing during my time here at my gym wynn fitness(where i work)? i notice certain changes in how some male members here treat or view me as time goes on. in the beginning, i would say what up to them, or they would say what up to me with such smiles & most of the time we’d have a nice general conversation. then i notice that once they first saw me workout, where my PHYSIQUE was now exposed, cause of the attire i wear, the way they treat me now is different. now i say what up to em, & they wont answer or they’ll look at me in such a way as if they’re angry with me or have something against me. sometimes when im around them, they now try to put up a TOUGH GUY FRONT around me & walk by me with no acknowledgement. the classic one is when you’re just minding your own business & working out, & you randomly look across the gym & you catch em just grilling you for no reason haha. I AIN’T NO CHICKEN!!! sometimes i wonder if its a JEALOUSY thing, cause they now see how i look & what they see is what they’ve been craving for, so they ENVY me. or maybe the tough guy front is because now they feel INSECURE around me, so they feel like acting this way will make up in a way MATCH UP with me. im not tryna do anything to anyone haha. im just doing me! meh, just a few observations i see. if these are the reasons they do these things, its STUPID. there’s no point in being jealous over someone else’s accomplishments, when you can easily get to that same goal, whether it be financial status or physical status. so what youre richer than me. doesn’t mean that 2 years from now, i wont get to where you are, or i wont PASS YOU.  i know i aint crazy. just saying what i see. not tryna be cocky or anything, just telling it how i see it, from my eyes….my 20/20 vision eye

What do you think, readers, both men and women?  I would like to hear from you men especially. Is this a typical attitude toward Hulked-up men in your gym environment that you have observed? Is this all about jealousy and envy rearing their ugly heads? I think that there are some unspoken rules in the body building culture, with do’s and don’t s, lines that should not be crossed. For example, if Arnold wanted to grunt and yell during his last power rep, you leave him alone and say not a peep no matter how much it annoyed you, by golly! Attitude should not be thrown at the grunter as he or she pushes out those final grueling reps. Andrae’s rant would seem like a definite “don’t” if you ask me. There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, and I am sure there is a lot of that with all that adrenalin and testosterone whirling around, but I find such attitudes described by Andrae as rude and negative toward your fellow lifter. As he puts it himself, “there is no point in being jealous of someone else’s accomplishments when you can easily get to that same goal.”  If I were a guy, and I saw some serious shoulder and back development on another guy, I think I am the type of person that would ask the bulked up fellow gym member for some tips and perhaps a spot or two in the way of, “Hey guy, you have some serious shoulder mass. Care to share any tips, dude?” (that was my best tough guy macho act.) What are your thoughts on Andrae’s experience?

8 thoughts on “A Beefcake’s Beef

  1. When I did work out a gym it was like a family. Some guys had bigger arms or pecs, hey I’m a smaller build. I always find motivation in this. Guys still ask about my 6 pack.

  2. The male ego is a fragile beast. I thought it was more we women who had issues with insecurity and envy, so very interesting to hear the male perspective. These guys who may be envious of Andrae’s physique should instead try to learn from him and learn how he achieved his goals. I’m sure it took a lot of hard work even if it comes easier to some than to others. My advice would be, if you see someone at your gym or wherever with a great physique, get inspired, not envious.

  3. This was very interesting because I thought only women were like that! I didn’t know men were like that too. I know when I see a women who looks great, I might feel a little jealous but it just makes me want to work harder too. 🙂

  4. To be perfectly honest I’ve never seen this. Not in the almost 5 years of working out religiously now. Maybe it’s just because I’m pretty tunnel visioned in the gym or maybe I’m just oblivious. There is definitely a number of guys I get along with well and say hi to, some in good shape, some not in good shape, some have been going the entire time I’ve been going without a single change in their appearance. I’ve never seen someone stop saying hi to make or give me looks that used to be cool with me. I’m not saying it’s not out there and that it’s in his head, I’m just saying I’ve never seen it. I have seen big guys who won’t give you the time of day, but never someone who once did but no longer will. You asked and I wanted to give my honest opinion. I really think it’s probably my “all business I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks when I’m working out” attitude that I have. Maybe it’s out there and I just don’t notice.

    1. Hi Colin. Thanks for your comment. This is more or less what Andy said when he had a gym membership. I remember when I was gym shopping, the men on the floor were very intense and into their own “world”, not really paying attention to others around. I’m sure they too had tunnel vision and the focus was not on anyone else but their own form, reps, sets and concentration. Body building takes a lot out of you, mentally and physically, so it’s only natural to zone others out.

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