Cardio Combo With an Extra Side of Sweat

Two cardio days allowance per week means I have to get creative. I’m in the bulking stage of my workouts. Lots and lots of bulking. Just call me the soon to be Hulk or Hulkette. Today was cardio day, but I missed spin and zumba due to a teeth cleaning after work. I would have gone for a jog outdoors, but it was a scorcher today. The weather was more suitable for lounging by the pool, not really for intense exercise. With no classes scheduled for the remainder of the evening, I turned my attention to the cardio machines. Let’s see, elliptical, dreadmill, rowing machine, stair climber or stationary bike for 30 minutes. No, no, no, no and no. I just was not in the mood to be on one machine for the duration. So, what did I do? I went on almost all of them and had myself a combo.

Cardio Combo Workout:

-5 minutes warm up on stationary bike at low intensity.
-10 minutes on rowing machine, going at a high-speed.
-1 minute sprint on treadmill at 6.7 setting.
-5 minutes on elliptical at high intensity.
-1 minute sprint on treadmill at 6.8 setting.
– 5 minute intense rowing
-3 minute cool down of easy cycling on stationary bike, low intensity

Finish off with a full body stretch; focus on hip flexors, hamstrings and quads and calves.

How do you take your cardio combo?

I do not advise any form of exercise without first consulting with your doctor or certified fitness professional. Safety and physical limitations must always be considered first and foremost.

2 thoughts on “Cardio Combo With an Extra Side of Sweat

  1. We don’t have any machines at the gym except for a VersaClimber. So I do VersaClimber for cardio or go run sprints outside. I love hill sprints. I also love sled pushes and chain drags for cardio. Nothing like a little weight to up the intensity. I also do jump training and just any bodyweight exercise quickly for a certain short interval as my cardio.

    I like your machine cardio though. You kept it interesting by hopping around!

    1. Interesting cardio intervals. I love hill sprints too, but there are no hilly terrains in my community. Sled pushes and chain drags sound very intense. I can do chain drags at my gym,I think. I’ll have to check it out.

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