Shrimp, Not so Little After All.

What I love about blogging is not only sharing through writing about my own experiences on my fitness journey, it is reading the blogs of others. This is truly what I find inspirational and enjoyable. It shows me that we all have a common goal, to achieve our personal best and take care of our heath, happiness and well-being. Reading blogs has become my pleasure/downtime reading. I think I am the only female on the planet who has not read 50 Shades of Grey in its entirety. Why? Because I am too busy reading fitness and health blogs and searching for workouts and recipes!

Having said all that, what I get a lot out of other bloggers are great recipes. Anyone who knows me knows my passion for good food. Just ask my hubby. Yesterday he said, “are you hungry?” We both gave each other a look of, when am I NOT hungry? Ask a silly question…. So while perusing various blogs that I follow, I came across this recipe

What I like about this recipe, aside from its simplicity and deliciousness, is that it includes shrimp. I used to avoid shrimp because it is high in cholesterol, but shrimp are more than just ocean-floor dwelling crustaceans. They actually have a lot of health benefits. I read that shrimp are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, protein and iron. I also saw on a Dr. Oz episode that a lot of shrimp’s nutritional value contain cancer fighters.

The shrimp penne was so flavourful, so thanks to Dancing Runner, Chelsea for sharing on her blog. I got a quick and healthy meal in just 20 minutes.  Just click on the link above for full recipe instructions.

So why not go for the big nutrients and try some shrimp tonight?

Shrimp penne with rose sauce


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