The 5 x 5 Diet.

Yesterday we took a look at my nephew Joshua’s weight training program in this post, The 5 x 5 Program. Today, I thought we take a look at what he eats to gain size.

Daily Food Consumption to Sustain Mass:

This is the diet that I am following.

4 Eggs
Protein Scoop of Oatmeal
Teaspoon of Flaxseed
Cup of milk
BLENDED {or 4 eggs cooked with 4 slices of toast with peanut butter(about 2 tbsp total) on each slice, if I have time and if I’m in the mood}

10:00AM Snack
2 Bananas
Half a litre of milk
Handfull of almonds/walnuts

Lunch worst meal of day, varies day to day
Pizza, or Chicken and rice, Shawarma, 2 Peanut butter sandwhiches

1:00 Snack
Half a litre of milk

Could be Chicken and rice, Beef and potatoes
litre of milk

Post workout
Litre of milk
With two scoops of whey protein and 2 scoops of oatmeal

Post-post workout (1 1/2-2 hrs after workout)
Again, chicken and rice, beef and potatoes ,etc, varies.
Litre of milk

IF I miss any milk(I drink a gallon a day), I drink it before bed.  I may also have some cottage cheese or greek yogurt before bed mixed with some ground flaxseed, walnuts and cucumbers.

I am following something called GOMAD, which stands for Gallon of milk a day.  This is a short term(couple months) method to gain weight.  The milk is whole milk.
All my carbs are BROWN.  I supplement with Jamisons Power Vitamins for men in the morning with omega 3-6-9’s throughout the day.

I NEED to improve my rest lol.  I suffer mild insomnia some nights and I’m busy with school.  But I get it DONE.  I love to lift!  Eat BIG, Lift BIG, THINK BIG!

Thanks for sharing, Joshua. I can’t wait to learn about your up and coming cut program, which I hope to share as well. Weight training is something that Joshua has really become passionate about. He is even thinking of obtaining his degree in Exercise Science and plans to work on his personal training certification.  I’m a pretty proud Aunty right now!

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