Here Me Roar!

Since I am a merely a novice when it comes to nutrition, I study and take notes from many blogs and fitness magazines. The common theme is, clean eating is 90% of the journey. In other words, even if I’m  zumba-ing, spinning and weight training my little heart out , but I’m not being mindful of what I put into my body, I will never obtain the results I would like to see. I want my measurements photo three months from now to have more visible results, more of a “wow” factor, if you please. Enter the clean eating chart. I found this chart, created by Erika Nicole Kendall, of


On this chart I can record the foods I am eating, and this will assist me to track if I’m getting enough proteins, leafy greens and other necessary nutrition. This chart can be downloaded and printed right from Erika’s informative and inspiring fitness blog. So far, along with my food journal to avoid unnecessary pig out sessions, I feel more in control of my health and well-being already.

Tried scrambled egg whites for the first time ever. I seasoned with a dash of sea salt and pepper, and added a quarter cup of light cheddar cheese. Definitely an acquired taste. I found them to be runny, tasteless and eerily white ( which would make sense.) However they are protein packed and going to be a regular part of my breakfast from here on in, along with my oatmeal and greek yogurt. It’s time to get serious about building this upper body and operation reduce saddlebags, folks. I am soon-to-be tigress, hear me roar!

Egg white breakfast. Didn't taste so good, but kept me satisfied and full until lunchtime.
Egg white breakfast. Didn’t taste so good, but kept me satisfied and full until lunchtime.

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