The Cast of Characters

Today at my gym, I began to observe all the unique people who attend. It is amusing to see, and is never dull. I like to refer to these folks as the cast of characters, all the people who make a gym a more interesting environment to become fitter. I do workout, but in between sets, I always manage to do a little people watching. Here they are in no specific order:

  1. The Gabber. There is a lady who has the gift of gab. She chats and chats to anyone in ear shot and it is always as I am trying to focus on my form and breathing. Andy says I should just tell her, “excuse me Mam, but I am trying to concentrate right now.” But I just can’t. I’m too polite. So I just end up losing count or finishing up my set too early. I really don’t need to know about this lady’s varicose veins, irritable bowl syndrome or the other day it was her grandson’s diarrhea.
  2. The Narcissist.  Next up is the narcissist. She is pretty, in her early to mid twenties, and spends most of her time looking at her booty rather than exercising. She is not even weight training and using the mirror to check her form. She just turns from side to side, checking out her derriere. Granted, she has a nice twenty-something year old body, but sheesh already. Why pay gym fees? You can look at your booty in your mirror at home.
  3. The Dancer.  I love, love the dancer.  She has her tunes on her iPod touch and never stops moving. She is filled with such energy.  I don’t know whether she thinks she’s in the club, or in the gym. But her Janet Jackson shoulder shrugs never cease.
  4. The Singer. I think other members find the Singer annoying, but she makes me laugh. She’s in her own world. She just belts out her tunes from her device without inhibitions, especially when she is on the treadmill. And no. She doesn’t sing on key.
  5. The Spot Reserver. She likes the same spot in every class, the back left hand corner of the studio. She also saves spots for her posse. The Spot Reserver asked another member to move when I was a newbie in cardio intervals. “I always have this space in this class,” she said, arms crossed defensively across her chest. When the other member refused to move and said, “when you pay for my membership, you can tell me where to go,”  The Spot Reserver stomped off in a huff.

What about me, I wonder? I too am a part of the cast. Let’s see. I could be The Spiller. I am always spilling water down my shirt from my water bottle when I go in for a huge gulp. Or The Grunter. I do tend to grunt to ease the challenge of the last two heavy bench press repetitions. Or I know. I might also be The Wedgy adjuster in spin class. Those teeny-weeny bike seats are surely to blame.

We may be a colourful bunch, but it makes going to the gym that more entertaining while working on those fitness goals.

2 thoughts on “The Cast of Characters

  1. I’m afraid of what I could be … but I know I’ve seen MUCH worse than anything I could possibly classify myself as 🙂 Great list! And I love that somebody stood up to the “spot reserver” – I like “my” spot just as much as the next person, but I’d never fight someone for it (maybe that’s why I became the instructor – nobody wants my spot!!)

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