Kick Those Cravings to the Curb

Another cookie? Another glass of wine? A second serving of meatballs? Should I pass up those brownies today? I did have cake yesterday, so I really shouldn’t.

These are just some thoughts that go racing through my head when I am trying to eat healthier. I have been writing about achieving and obtaining a happy balance in life. I live in a world where I co-exist with junk food, so balance is essential for my wellness success. My ideal philosophy is if I really want the cookie, I eat it as opposed to arguing with my will power. My aim is cut back, not cut out. Having said that, I am weak. Sometimes, one cookie doesn’t cut it, and I want another soft, gooey chocolate chip. My philosophy may go out the window, at times it does. So where does that leave me? Usually not in a good place. I remember one time, I had 5 cookies. I felt so mentally bad afterwards, it put me in a sour mood for most of the evening. On this quest I had to dig deeper and find out why these cravings arose, and what I could do to avoid going overboard. This is what I do to kick those cravings to the curb when they rear their ugly head.

1. Keep a journal. When I over eat, I try to remember what I was doing? Was I bored? Unhappy?By doing this, I can decipher a pattern. A pattern I can fix.

2. Do I need this chocolate bar or do I want it? I try to separate needing and wanting. At times my body really needs some sugar. At times, it does not. I try to know the difference.

3. I think of my physical gains. My thighs have reduced in inches. My skin looks brighter and clearer from clean eating. My dental check-up was great this past visit. Do I really want to jeopardize these things from salt or sugar excess?

4. I look at my before and after picture in my 6 month measurement post. This really came in handy today when I wanted cheesecake that my friend offered me.

5. Ask someone to hold you accountable. If you feel a binge coming on, call a friend, a family member, tell your spouse or children (if they are old enough.) Ask them to remind you how far you have come or to take a walk with you, or some way to distract you from a craving.

6. Read Women’s/Men’s Fitness! No issue of WF around? Read a wonderful fitness blog. Currently, I am reading approximately 5 or more health and fitness blogs. You ladies and gentlemen have helped me immensely to avoid excessive eating.

7. Yoga. Since I have started Yoga, I have noticed my urge for salt and sugar decrease. Namaste is a great place to be in where breathing and meditating is most helpful.

8. Pray about it. Ask (what your spiritual guidance is) to take this craving away. This gets me reflecting about my current mood or state of mind.

9. Try not to buy the crapola. If it’s not readily available it’s hard to eat it.

10. Grab a piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some ripe, juicy mango usually does the trick for me.

I hope these tips are of some help to anybody struggling with binge eating. I know they have helped me.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or contributions to kick those cravings to the curb?


I may be yummy, but are the empty calories worth it?
I may be yummy, but are the empty calories worth it? If you must have me, try just to have one.

10 thoughts on “Kick Those Cravings to the Curb

  1. Great tips for changing habits. Eating clean is hard. It took me a long time to eat well 90% of the time (I still have cheat meals each week). I’m not sure I could EVER eat only 100% clean food because I just enjoy sugar too much. I had to take the process in baby steps, cutting things out little by little. It does get easier as you go but my biggest caveat is not having it around. The minute it’s in the door, it’s in my MOUTH!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is a struggle for me at times. I love the idea of taking baby steps and getting there in time. Yes, I agree. I just pass the cookie aisle in the grocery store. If it’s not in my kitchen, the craving eventually passes.

  2. You have a great plan! Obviously executing is the hard part but without a good plan it’s that much tougher. I think the key thing is your #1. This is what so many people lack. If you can track your habits and figure out what your triggers are and how to prepare better for them, you’ll be in a much better place. Figuring out what works for YOU is what it’s all about! Good luck in finding your balance!

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