What Motivates You?

I was sitting peacefully on my couch, ensconced in my fleece blanket, still in my pj’s at noon and sipping on a steaming cup of java goodness. Converter in hand, I looked out my window as snowflakes twirled in the wind before falling to the ground. Looked chilly out there, much better to stay indoors and be lazy. Then I saw them. The Running Room group. Donning their fluorescent running jackets, and black tights, their lean legs ran in sync as they kept in stride. Suddenly, being a Sunday sloth didn’t seem so appealing anymore. Finishing my coffee, I got up and changed in my running clothes. If the Running Room group could face the cold and wind, then so could I. Maybe it was motivation through guilt, but it worked. I put the converter down and got off the couch.

What motivates you when feeling lazy?


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