Six Month Measurements- Trex to…tiger cub?

Hello there. I have had pink eye for the past three days, so I couldn’t see very well through all the eye drops, and crusty eye goop. I do apologize if that’s TMI but conjunctivitis is no fun. After some strong antibiotics from the Doc, I’m on the road to clear vision and clean eyes once again.

This health setback prevented me from taking my six month measurements earlier. My exercise routine of heavy weight lifting for my upper body, and plenty of cardio and light weights for my lower body, such as, lunges, jump squats and step ups on bench has all been consistent. I have also incorporated Zumba, Tabata, treadmill sprint and hill drills, and jogging into my lower body routine. I’m not afraid to lift heavy in the least. I’m not one of these women that say, “I’ll get man-shoulders if I lift heavy.” The she-man issue is next to impossible for me, due to my pear-shaped genetics and the fact that I don’t have the stuff men are made of. Weights will only help in my quest to transform my body. With the eating plan, I dislike the word “diet” and have tried to take on an approach where I eat healthy meals, including, vegetables, lean meat, fruits, and whole grains (white bread, rice and pasta have been completely cut from my food consumption.) with plenty of water throughout the day. In balancing my plan, I try not to be rigid, and allow myself a treat from time to time. This may include, desserts, pizza or a glass of wine (couple glasses of wine) over the weekends. Anyway, Trex cannot live on rabbit food alone. Hey, I’m a natural carnivore. I find that rigidity for me leads to deprivation. Deprivation leads to bingeing and then guilt…terrible, profound guilt. Not good.

So, onwards with the measurements.

August 2012 (full-out Trex)

Shoulders: 14 inches
Bust: 31 inches
Upper back: 13 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 41 inches

October 2012 (mid-point tigress)

Shoulders: 15  inches
Bust: 31 inches
Upper Back: 13 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 38 inches

February 2013– tigress or tiger cub

Shoulders: 16 inches
Bust: 32 inches (an inch gain. Must be those bench presses.)
Upper back: 15.5 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Thighs: (newly added) 39 inches

If I’m not seeing progress, it’s one culprit. My eating. As stated by many fitness
bloggers, both professional and knowledgable, diet is worth 90% of the battle. Time to revisit my eating plan. As I over heard a trainer say in the gym to one of her client’s “if you’re still eating burgers and fries, then we’re just wasting our time here sweetie.” (ouch!) Although, I’m not eating burgers and fries, this gave me food for thought about my own vices and how much I’ve been indulging. Although it is not very visible, I can feel the physical changes in my body due to my strength. I could not do a single push up in August of 2012 on my toes, now I can do anywhere from 8 to 10, so that is progress. One thing I would like to do is visit the nutritionist at my gym and have my BMI taken as well. How many calories are in one glass of Merlot, dare I ask? I’ll be back, with more measurements in three months from now on May 21st, and hopefully with my new she-man look. 😉

August 2012:                                                                            February 2013:


I do not see much change in my upper body, however the lower half has decreased.






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