The Evolution of My Funny Valentine

As a child I loved Valentine’s Day. I remember decorating a brown paper bag with hearts made out of construction paper and Hello Kitty stickers to store my Valentine cards in. Life was so simple. In my late adolescent years, this holiday became a little more complex than paper bags with stickers. I used to associate Valentine’s Day with having romance in my life. I must admit, if I didn’t have a date, I used to mope around in my room listening to some sappy Boys to Men love song and looking out my window up at the stars wondering where my special someone was. If I was really depressed, The Cure would come in handy.  As I matured, I began to celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone in my life, including my close friends whom I loved and appreciated by going out for dinners or having cheesy romance movie nights at my best friend’s house (who was also dateless.) We would watch anything that starred Molly Ringwald. 16 Candles was our fave. Long Duck Dong always put a smile on our faces. We also figured if Duck Dong could find love, then so could we.  These days, I still love the cheese and romance of Valentine’s Day. Andy and I do not celebrate it in an over-the-top way, but we may exchange a card and some chocolates and then have a nice dinner at home. (prepared by Andy of course) Today, I m happy to proclaim this Valentine’s day, all about yours truly. A day of guilt-free self lovin.’ These were things I did to appreciate ME today.

Back and Bicep Blaster:

3 x12 Assisted Wide Grip Pull ups

3 x12 Barbell Bicep Curls

3 x12 Seated Row

(Repeat 2 times)

3 x 12  Assisted Neutral Grip Pull Ups

3 x 12 Seated Lat Pull Downs

3 x 12 Reverse Lat Pull Downs

(Repeat 2 times)

  • Did a 5K on the treadmill
  • Went into the steam/sauna room post workout to unwind (this is something I never do. Since it’s self-lovin’ day I figured why not?)
  • Treated myself a some long over due workout gear.
  • This outfit will match the blue and purple trainers I plan to get. Can't always be frumpy Dumpy at the gym.
    This outfit will match the blue and purple trainers I plan to get. Can’t always be Frumpy Dumpy at the gym.
  • Took a long soothing bath in strawberry suds
  • Treated myself to a glass of red wine  (a little vino tinto is great for the heart.)
  • Something else of the utmost importance, I complimented the things I like about my physique instead of criticizing my physique. Personally, as I embark on this quest to become fitter, I have a tendency to pin-point my flaws. My saddlebags, my cellulite, my flabby this or my jiggly that. Well, this way of thinking does not celebrate self-love. I hereby promise on this day of love, to stop putting myself down. Today, I gave myself accolades for working so hard and making progress to date. Although my 6 month measurements are approaching, I am not there yet and that’s okay. My goals won’t happen over night. Anything worth having will take time and energy. In the meantime, I’m doing pretty well. Finally, I promised myself that this self-love will continue to happen beyond Valentine’s Day. Now, it’s time to give Andy his card and chocolates. After all, it can’t all be about me.

While we are on the subject of amour, if I was free and single I would definitely ask this guy out for a date. He’s the strong, silent type, and not to mention oh so sweet…Happy Valentine’s Day.


6 thoughts on “The Evolution of My Funny Valentine

  1. I used to watch 16 Candles every weekend for like a year in high school. Anytime I run across while channel surfing, I always have to stop and finish it. Love the new duds! I find this was a great reward (and still is). Once you’re body starts changing, there’s no reason you can’t show it off a little. Rock it, girl!

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