Okay Happy Endorphins, Feel Free to Jump in Anytime Now!

I officially have the winter blues, or as called by the correct medical term, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Heck, let’s face it I feel blah. I’m tired of not seeing the sun, I’m tired of freezing my face off every time I step outdoors, I’m tired of feeling a chill deep in my bones. Enough already, Winter! Oy-vey!  I routinely become depressed this time of year between Superbowl Sunday and the Grammy’s. I think I was whining so much about Winter that Mother Nature said, “I’ll give you something to complain about,” and sent this monstrosity our way. The blizzard of all blizzard’s.


I am doing everything in my power to stay upbeat, despite my winter blues. For example, this morning when I woke up I thanked God for all my provisions and my health. And I said two mantras:

My body is filled with energy.

I feel happy and serene.

I took my happy supplements.

The D is particularly essential in winter, as this vitamin is lacking from less sunshine during these long, dark months.


I attended Dawna’s always fun and upbeat Zumba class.

I embraced the snow and had fun in all the white stuff while babysitting my nephew Malakai. This is me at a sad attempt of making a snow angel.

Malakai wanted no part of it. (smart kid)


My snow angel didn’t turn out so great, but Malakai and I were happy to be outside.


And look! Mr. Sun made an appearance for the first time in about three weeks.


I celebrated over the fact this little guy predicted an early spring last week.

Shot of Wiarton Willie courtesy of Google.

On Saturday night, I attended the steel worker’s union dinner and dance, where Andy plays in the band. I got a full course meal and feasted on this…

Steak was tender and medium well. Just the way I like it.

So it’s all up to you happy endorphins. I’m waiting….

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