The Yogi in Me- Part 1

I’ve tried many group classes at my gym. From spin, to cardio kick boxing, tabata,  boot camp and zumba. It was all a tad intimidating at first, you know how the whole going out of your comfort zone feeling can be. Zumba and cardio hip hop was especially intimidating because I wouldn’t describe myself as a dancing kinda’ gal, but after attending a few classes, I forgot all about my inhibitions and just went with the music.

There is one class I have always wanted to attend, but to make a long story short, I’m scared!! That class is Yoga. I have heard the benefits of Yoga are many, including better core strength, posture, decreasing anxiety (which is what I need to do)  and of course increased flexibility. Often I will watch (a little enviously) as the toned, posture perfect Yogis file into studio A. They carry those rolled up mats on their shoulders, sporting tights and tanks and big smiles on their faces. I peer in the studio glass like a sad puppy who isn’t allowed admittance. The Yogis stretch, bend and contort their lean physiques. How the heck do they do that? I’ve tried closeted Yoga on one of my apps in the privacy of my home, but my sun salutations were not very sunny. I stopped immediately at the corner of “ouch and body doesn’t go that way”. My sister Karen is a devote practitioner of Yoga, and some of the positions she can execute are simply awe-inspiring.

My top three reasons of avoiding Yoga Studio A are as follows:

Fear # 1. My little tights may split in the back from my not so little booty mid position.

Fear # 2. My bones will make creaking or cracking sounds mid position and everyone will hear.

Fear # 3. I will get into a position, but find I am not able to get out of said position.

However, this Sunday, I will bite the bullet and go into Studio A instead of peering hopelessly into the glass. Maybe I’ll wear billowy cotton pants instead of those Yoga tights and cancel out fear number one all together. The receptionist at the gym brought my attention to a beginner’s class called ” Gentle Yoga” and please God, let the instructor be gentle with me. I will report back to you on Monday and let you know if there is a little Yogi in me after all. Any tips from you Yogis out there would be much appreciated. Until then, “namaste”…….

Should I be scared?  How does her leg go that way?
Should I be scared? How does her leg go that way?

4 thoughts on “The Yogi in Me- Part 1

  1. Good for you! I never understood how something so inward and personal can also be so competitive! I have been going to classes for years and some classes still intimadate me. Some people are just sooo good! When I feel like this, I remind myself to listen to my body, to only do what is comfortable for me and to enjoy it.

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