Away to Grieve

Good evening. I have not been posting at my usual rate, out of respect and just plain feeling horrible because of the tragedy that took place in a Connecticut school last week. I work in a school with tiny kindergarten children who are so young, innocent and vulnerable so this really hit me hard. When I heard of the shooting, I immediately thought of the little faces I am fortunate enough to see each day. Who and why could anyone harm them? I simply cannot fathom such heinous crimes. The classroom teacher I work with, who was also distraught of course, said that we are working with the most innocent of the age groups in the school, some of which are just four years of age. Many are five, just like some of the children who lost their lives in Newtown. This made me think of all the times we have practiced our lock down routine, and tell the children to be quiet because we are pretending to hide from the “bad guys,” I realize that this scenario was happening in Connecticut last Friday. Except these people did not have a chance to escape the bad person, this nightmare was their reality.

Pray for these families, and hug your children a little bit tighter each day. God bless.

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