On the 12th Day of Wellmas…

My true love gave to me, health and brimming energy.

Yes folks we are in the full swing of the season festivus. Your to-do list may be dwindling as one more task is checked off today, but are you remembering to include your wellness goals on that list in between buying gifts, hosting/attending soirees and tree trimming?

A great incentive at my workplace, as seen in the healthy living initiative is the 12 days of wellmas calendar. A calendar was given to each employee to do one thing on each day in the Month of December toward achieving well-being. One task is attend a yoga class, another day may be to go for a brisk winter walk. Or you can fill in the blanks on your own wellness calendar each day, as long as the task promotes a healthy lifestyle in mind, body or soul. One suggestion I really liked was paying it forward by doing a good deed for someone such as shopping for the elderly or donating to a toy drive. Once we have completed all consecutive days, we qualify for a prize. I think this is a real morale booster and a great way to take care of yourself during this often hectic season. So instead of gobbling chocolates from your (or your kids) advent calendar, why not print out your own wellness calendar? Substitute 5 golden rings for 5 push ups, or instead of a partridge in a pear tree, eat the produce of a pear tree. You get my drift.

Until next time be happy, healthy and well. Now go out there and be a leaping Lord or dancing lady (sorry can’t stop myself) ¬†and get active. And if you don’t know the classic Carole go out there and google those lyrics or you may just think I’m crazy while reading this. Instead of four calling birds, do four burpies. Ok, must stop now or this will never end.


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