I brought skinny jeans!

In September I started running/walking with a group of ladies at work. Leslie is a regular runner in this group who is on her own quest to get fitter and maintain a healthy weight. Some weeks ago when we were huffing and puffing on a challenging uphill leg of our trail, Leslie exclaimed, ” I bought skinny jeans! And they fit!” When you are on a mission to achieve a certain level of fitness, it is always great to hear when someone you know and workout with has met a fitness goal. Leslie is a grade 8 teacher and librarian at the school where I work, and she can always be seen dashing through the halls with much exuberance. Whether she is on her way to teach a class, get to the library or is between organizing Literacy night or track meets, this is a lady on the go. Hence the reason I was surprised to learn she was once over weight. She’s never even sitting still long enough to eat her lunch! Leslie is now happy to say she is getting closer to her goal size. I asked her if she would be one of my inspirational stories and share her tips and weight loss methods for readers.

Leslie’s philosophy is exactly like mine. Life is short. Enjoy it in moderation and don’t ever stop being active. It’s such a comfort to know that when she sits down to have a heart to heart with her students, she is candid about her struggles and achieving wellness goals in a healthy and realistic manner. Leslie emphasizes to her students, “look, I’ll never be a size two. But I’m getting healthier and stronger. I’m a healthy weight for my height and that’s what is important.”

Completing one of her bucket list goals, Leslie completed her first 5K run in the Santa Shuffle last weekend, a marathon that supports The Salvation Army. Thanks for passing down healthy habits to the next generation, Leslie. Oh, and you work those skinny jeans, girl. You look great!

Leslie’s Top four Tips to lose and manage your weight:

  1. Change one eating idea at a time – cut out margarine from your meals or switch coffee from cream to milk.
  2. Try to switch from white bread to multi-grain.
  3. Brush your teeth right after dinner to keep from eating again that night.
  4. Pick a form of exercise that you enjoy and will be consistent with.
Leslie completing her first 5K, with running companions, Lisa and Paul.
Leslie completing her first 5K (as seen on the left), with running companions, Lisa and Paul.

4 thoughts on “I brought skinny jeans!

  1. Michelle, you are so inspirational! All I have to say is GIRL POWER! Spice girls had it right all those years ago.

    Keep up the great work girl!

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