What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
Stand a little taller

Those words from the popular Kelly Clarkson hit song are really ringing true for me these days. Anything worth having, such as obtaining a fitness and health goal, is certainly not going to be an easy feat, but it will surely make you stronger and stand taller in the long run. Just thinking back on this whole t-rex to tigress journey and start blogging about it has made me stronger. I think back to the days when the mere thought of doing a single push-up had me shaking in my t-rex boots, and the excuses would inevitably follow. I can’t do this, I’m too weak, it’s too hard, etc.  Now, I can say I actually look forward to doing push-ups and love when I can add on one or two more reps to my sets and feel and see the benefit to my body in strength, stamina and endurance.  In a nut shell, here are the strides I have made since July of 2012.

July 2012                                                                                           Presently

Push-ups on toes: 2 reps/1 set                                                      6-8 reps/2 sets

Assisted Pull-ups: 4-5 reps/2 sets                                                  8 reps/ 3 sets

Plank on toes: 15-20 seconds                                                        45 seconds to 1

Bench press with Olympic bar: 3 reps/ 35 lbs/ 3 sets.                4 reps/45 lbs/ 4 sets

Arnold Presses: 12 lbs /6 reps/ 2 sets                                           15 lbs/8 reps/3 sets

Jogging without stopping: 2.5 km                                                 4 km

These exercises were ultra challenging for me, especially the ones that entailed a lot of upper body power, but I persevered and continue to do so as I finally am beginning to believe in myself and my goals as I experience them merging into a reality. What really resonates is that I can see the benefits. Although I have a long way to go, my shoulders, back and chest are a little broader, and my thighs are slimmer. I can fit into some size 6 jeans that I couldn’t get over my thighs last year. Some days it was difficult, and still is, but what keeps me going is the end result and the accomplishments I have made so far on my quest for fitness. A lot of my motivation comes from the people I am fortunate enough to know and workout with as well as maintaining a positive attitude toward exercise and healthy food choices. Never forget, you must have a starting point. In the summer I could only manage two push-ups, but the important thing is that I did it! It will only get easier if you’re consistent and as you become stronger. I can truly attest to this. At the risk of sounding cliché, stick to your resolve. It may feel as if you’ll never get there on some days, but believe in yourself and push yourself.  Another point I cannot get across enough, avoid negative Nellies and naysayers. They will suck your energy and try to make you feel like your goals are not possible.  Keep company with people that will support you, uplift you and believe in you. God bless.


Tigress? Not yet, but slowly getting there.
Tigress? Not yet, but slowly getting there.

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