Enjoying Healthy Eating. Who Knew?!

I am getting to the point where I am enjoying healthy food choices while cravings for empty calories are decreasing at this point in my journey. I still enjoy treating myself, and allow myself a treat day now and again. For example, I am looking forward to going to the Second Cup tomorrow to meet a friend and will enjoy one of their festive coffees, a biscotti. (love their chocolate almond biscotti) and a good old girl talk. But during the week, I look forward to planning healthy meals, and now am learning to fill my stomach with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and plenty of water. I have made the switch to brown rice from white, which was difficult at first due to my starch addiction. Having said that, Christmas is coming which only means one thing, food porn filled with indulgences galore. Have ya’ tasted my mom’s Christmas cakes?? Good thing I despise Egg Nog. It’s laden with fat and calories. I do tend to make up the calories in vino tinto consumption truth be told.  But I digress…

From  informative blogs that I have been reading regularly (thank you blogging community) which share healthy recipes and snacks, I know that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless.  I have also taken note from said bloggers that meal planning and sticking to a grocery list is essential. Not only does this keep you on a financial budget, planning my meals means that I am less likely to buy the junk and processed crap. Making my own wholesome meals is healthier and cheaper. As I am beginning to see changes in my body, albeit slight changes, this is further incentive to stay on the healthy eating train. Once again, thank you wellness bloggers.  If you only knew how much you’ve helped and inspired me.

The day usually starts with oatmeal and berries
The day usually starts with oatmeal and berries
A typical lunch. Turkey breast wrap with vegetables
A typical lunch. Turkey breast wrap with vegetables
Thanks to blogger, Wartica, I have discovered the joys of kale.
I try to make my salads colourful and interesting.
I try to make my salads colorful and interesting.



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