Don’t Over-train!

I was fortunate enough to earn a free personal training session at my gym last week. This was a treat for me, because it’s not in el budget to fit in personal training right now.

My session was with the lovely Jana who showed me effective exercises to strengthen my back, arms and shoulders. What really resonated with me was her point regarding over- training the body, as I used to make this mistake at times in the past. Jana confirmed that weight training is an excellent way to tone muscles, reduce bone deterioration as we age and prevents osteoporosis, and is just an important as cardiovascular training. However, many people make the mistake of weight training the same body parts without taking a break in between. For example if you train the upper body, it is important that you rest these muscles the next day and then work the lower body if doing a split routine. If doing a full body routine, say on Monday, rest Tuesday and do another full body workout on Wednesday. Rest is so important because this is when the muscles grow and repair. If over-trained, muscles do not get sufficient time to rest, repair and grow, thus results will not be reached. I always thought that the abdominal muscles could be trained daily, but I was wrong. As Jana said, they are muscles, so they deserve rest too. Jana also advised that about two exercises per body part is enough. Correct form should never be compromised, slower, with control and steady always wins the race when conditioning your body with weights. Those fast, jerky movements and swinging of the back will only result in injury, as your core should always be tight and engaged. The green light from your doctor and professional fitness trainer is also suggested before implementing any exercise program in your life. Considerations to injuries and abilities should always be noted.

Happy training…and then resting.

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Weight training is an excellent way to keep those muscles strong and healthy, but be sure to rest.

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