Baby it’s Cold Outside

Unfortunately, we don’t come with a thick coat of fur for our winter runs like these guys.

Wednesday in the city of Toronto, temperatures dipped close to freezing. Natasha Ramsahi of City news did say, “if heading out folks, you will need a warm jacket.” At least it didn’t snow. I saw news footage in New Jersey and the white stuff was blowing everywhere. ( poor Jersey gals and boys are still recovering from super storm Sandy, and now the Nor’ Easter.) Townships to the north of Toronto could indeed be experiencing temps around the freezing mark as well as snow fall.

Bearing all this in mind the inevitable is coming. We don’t know when, but we will be covered with a blanket of white before we know it. This cold day yesterday got the ladies and I talking on our after school run. We had to devise a plan were we will continue to be active when it is unbearable to exercise outdoors. I don’t know about you, but activity is the last thing on my mind in the cold weather. It feels like nesting season, where I just want to burrow into my couch (with my fuzzy Grinch slippers, fleece PJ ‘s and hot chocolate in hand).
So I give you my list of suggestions on how to stay active during teeth-chattering weather.

1. There are some great cardio apps out there that I have added to my iPad, such as Interfit and HiiT. No iPhone or iPad? No problem, there is also a wide selection of DVD’s that incorporate strength training, cardio, yoga or whatever your exercise preference.
2. Join a Yoga, Spin, Tabata or Zumba class or there is always pay as you go options at most gyms. ( has great pay as you go exercise classes of all varieties right in your neighborhood if you do not want the full commitment of a gym membership. These classes are about $10 per session.)
3. Do something different and go out for a night of dancing with friends. But you must dance! No sitting all night to watch the purses.
4. Mall walk. Early mornings prior to the bustle of shoppers is a great time. Malls also have stairs to climb, adding intensity to your workout. There is usually a nominal fee that you pay at the information kiosk in mall.
5. Set up a little home gym. Incorporate a space where you can do star-jacks or knee-high jogging and buy a couple of dumb bells for strength training.
6. You can always embrace the cold ( if you’re that brave sort) and try out snow-shoeing or an afternoon of skating. If you still want to continue running, invest in warm running apparel. I just visited a blog called and the author has an excellent post about all you need to stay warm while jogging in the dead of winter called, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” A very informative read.

Those are just a few suggestions to keeping active during the winter. I would love to hear more ideas from those cold winter runners. As they say, a body at rest goes to rust, so don’t hibernate. Continue taking care of yourself. It’s going to be a challenge for me, but it’s so worth it.

3 thoughts on “Baby it’s Cold Outside

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